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He sees her only as his wife, not a person in her own right.

On the night of her birthday, Liliana gave her virginity to Izar. She wanted her guardian, whom she had been in love with for ten years, to love her back for even a moment. But it was a huge mistake—Izar proposed to her, not out of love, but because of their night together. Liliana was then shipped away to Switzerland to be trained to become the “perfect wife.” An obedient, chaste and unloved wife… No matter how much she loves him, he never reciprocates…

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Not worth it 1  1

This is one of the worst ones I have read in a while. *spoiler* the heroine loses her parents at a young age and is left with her parents business partner as a guardian. The guardian does not actually want to take her in (he blames his own childhood issues) and leaves her in boarding schools - all the time- not seeing her at all. We fast forward to her birthday and he goes to meet her and the first thing he does is accuses her of being a tramp and not only that but she just takes it. The heroine says she hates the “hero” but she keeps putting up with his insults and treats her like garbage -even though he has had no contact with since he banished her to a boarding school. I think the worst part is he sleeps with her almost right away even though he calls her names and treating her like crap and he is her guardian who did nothing for her over years of neglect. There really was not anything good in this one, even if it is on sale just look for something else.

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2.5 bit of an ehhhhh 2  2

This story was somewhat on the rocks for me because of how it all played out. The young adult hero becomes the guardian to his best friends' daughter who is the heroine. There seems to be a fifteen year age difference with the hero in his mid twenties because he was a international soccer player that stopped and the heroine looking no older than ten, making the age gap a bit big for me. So, the hero ships the recently orphaned heroine off to boarding school and doesn't see her at all. He doesn't know how to love because of his background with mom abandoning, grandpa abusing, and living off the streets till he was found for his great skills by a soccer coach. However, I felt that he missed out on the whole loneliness factor that both he and the heroine share with no parents. He didn't have to love but could have spent time in order to show she's not alone. Again, he doesn't go to see her but goes on the word of the teachers who state she's perfect wife material but these teachers are two faced who call the heroine a whore and degrade her mother's high end clothes. This whole sham period started when she was just a kid. To the present date, the heroine has gotten away from it all and lives an average but happy life as a normal woman with a normal office job. Yet, the hero comes barging in like a stinkin' rhinoceros about the heroine destroying his image, her image, dressing like a whore, etc. I realize that it's hard to talk back to someone who's a parental figure in your life even though they weren't there but she should have told him to get out. She had leverage with having her own job that pays all her bills, she doesn't need him for financial help. She not only initiates the coitus but lets him walk all over her with his insults and orders on leaving everything for him. The hero wasn't much of a great person because he's all orders and no, "I want to know why you taken up with this life". I also didn't like how he was talking to the heroine. For example, telling her they're getting married in order to keep the gold diggers away. I would have actually been more happy had he put her on the whole matchmake marriage deal. Plus, there was the whole, "Have coitus with my former ward", I mean this is your best friends' daughter and you did that??? The man even says he likes the heroine for her body. It doesn't help that no open communication nor trust was factored into their relationship, fragile as it was. They do finally learn about each other, both pretty shocked of how the other lived. The whole thing is a roller coaster for them with the hero already feeling sick because he considers himself less than worthy for the heroine what with his mind projecting his child self and the friends' faces of how worthless he is. After enough jabs and stabs, the two finally figure out that the other loves each other and embrace. We fast forward years later with the heroine and hero living the happy life with lots of kids. It had a sweet ending but the plot just wasn't my cup of tea.

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