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Pippa knows the only sure way to avoid heartbreak is to avoid love in the first place.

Whenever attorney Pippa starts hearing Christmas carols in town, she throws herself into her work to forget her heartbreak from a Christmas long ago. Then one day Pippa meets businessman Roscoe and he asks for an unusual favor. He wants her to make his brother fall for her in order to lure him away from his delinquent friends. Pippa is annoyed that he sees her value only in her beauty, but she ends up accepting the job anyway. Soon she starts to see Roscoe more clearly—he’s just like her. They’ve both closed off their hearts from love.

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A Winter Proposal 4  4

Although this is the first in the Diamonds Are Forever series, the second book His Diamond Bride takes place earlier. The book version of this manga is called A Mistletoe Proposal.

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3.5 it was a nice story. 4  4

The heroine is hired by the hero to represent his delinquent brother in a matter of a trespassing and robbery. Unfortunately, their first few encounters before this arrangement haven't been the best what with the hero chasing off a stalker but believing insinuating the heroine provoked him. Furthermore, he insults the heroine by wanting to use her only for her looks rather than her skills as a lawyer in order to seduce his younger brother away from his bad-influence of a girlfriend. The heroine is greatly insulted and it's no wonder why with being used for looks rather than for her skills that she's worked so hard to prove. The heroine is given a bit of background information on the hero from her boss who regals the hero's suddenly thrust into the CEO position at young age when the company was going under and his father committed suicide. The hero comes by to apologize (good) and the heroine takes the case with a few conditions that the hero isn't keen on keeping like attorney and client confidentiality. He throws a real fit when he sees the heroine and the little brother at a night club. It's all because it's where the brother called the heroine to talk and she went to meet with her Client. Unfortunately, he's back to insulting the heroine who gives the guy a hearty slap across the cheek. Frankly, I'm surprised that she didn't throw the case back in his face but he does make amends with an apology email and getting her away from an over friendly client. The hero and heroine start getting close to the point where she reveals being a once bitten and twice shy woman. The heroine is able to prove the brother's innocence thanks to the girlfriend who has mysteriously disappeared. The brother then reveals he's quitting the company because it's not his dream. Then the hero starts wooing the heroine but she rejects him furiously a lot. Despite her rejections, it's clear the heroine wants to be with the hero but is still chaining herself to the past by her own fear. Finally, she remembers her grandmother's words of not running away. She runs to find the hero and we get a confession of love between the two. It's a happy ending.

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