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Is there more to Kassius than just his vengeful schemes?

Laney, a maid for a stuck-up countess, rushes out into the middle of the street while preoccupied with one of her duties and winds up in front of a car driven by the world-famous, fabulously rich Kassius! For some reason, he seems to develop an interest in her—and he gifts her with a dress to wear at a ball being held that very night. At the ball, the two of them exchange a burning kiss, and she is on the verge of falling captive to his charms when he announces that Laney is going to bear his child! How on earth could Kassius go from Prince Charming to presumptuous lout so quickly?

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This is good 5  5

Yes this is good. The hero is kind despitr his agenda he respects the heroine and treats her well. The other hand the heroine is great, she really tries her best to create deeper bond to the hero and not easily stepped back. The story went well, i m satisfied with the story, recommended

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3.5 pretty nice. 4  4

The hero and heroine meet when the heroine nearly crashes into the hero's oncoming vehicle that ultimately destroys her haggish harpy Boss's fancy fur coat (You won't believe what happened to it). Once, they learn of each other's identities, a lot of things happen. The hero orders a new coat since the first wasn't salvageable (The poor animals used to make that coat) and the heroine learns despite her Boss's bragging and snobbery of having the hero wait on her hand and foot that it's the opposite. She even makes it a hobby of tormenting the heroine (causing her to spill on the coat, ought to have spilled red paint on her) since she's the Help. The heroine goes along with it because she needs the money. It takes only a few minutes of conversation for the hero to become attracted to the heroine's personality and values. It also takes one conversation between the hero and the heroine's boss for the readers to see the woman suffers from severe hallucinations that the hero is even interested in her. Things start moving forward when the hero sends the heroine a gift and the Boss threatens to fire & blacklist the heroine if she doesn't humiliate the hero by rejecting his advances. The heroine is caught between a rock and a hard place but the hero is there to pull her out. At the party, he takes the heroine away in front of everyone (like the Boss) as a showing of who the heroine belongs to. He goes straight to the fondling but the heroine puts up the STOP sign on grounds they barely know each other. However, the hero convinces to go forth since she's the kind of woman he's been looking for to start a family. He does give the heroine a choice and she takes it. Then he makes a wager in order to help her get into the mood where if he proves she's not frigid then she marries him and bears his child. We all know what happens that night. The next morning, the hero has the heroine's things immediately out of her ex-boss's home into his place then gets the nasty woman to actually pay what she put in writing to pay. After, he reaffirms the wager was the real deal and asks the heroine to marry him. She says yes and they get the ring. They do open up to each other about their pasts from the heroine being born of obligation when her mother got pregnant but the mother ditched them for a musician and died of an overdose. The hero reveals to be a product between a married man and unmarried woman but his father abandoned his mother and him. During wedding plans, it's discovered the heroine is pregnant. Unfortunately, the heroine discovers the hero doesn't love her because he doesn't love anyone. He even reveals his relationship with the heroine's boss stems from paying her to sabotage her boss's business. Next, the hero takes the heroine to visit her family and it's an interesting time for everyone. The two slowly make headway after the marriage. Four months later, the heroine learns the hero's real name is related to the very man who's going out of business. She confronts him about it but he doesn't listen. In the heat of the moment, he even states that the heroine and the baby are part of his revenge in making the man feel forgotten. She tries to comfort him but he rejects her touch. However, the heroine doesn't give up and meets up with the father. He states that he was trying to divorce his wife at the time but she wouldn't let him nor would the hero's mother want anything to do with him till after he divorced the wife. Plus, the wife hid all the letters from the father till five years later after they finally divorced. Then the heroine calls the hero over in order to make him listen to the father who relates the same thing. However, the hero doesn't accept it but can't say much because he got a call stating the heroine is in an accident. The whole thing has the hero shaking to his core but gives the chance for the his father and him to start in rebuilding their relationship. Thankfully, both heroine and baby boy pull through. The heroine wakes up to the hero's smiling face. He tells her she was right about it all and how much he loves her. It was very sweet and we end the story on a happy Christmas ending with the little boy all dressed up like Santa.

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