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The same night he made her heart sing, Ben crushed it ruthlessly. Can she ever forgive him?

Amber is the CEO of her father’s company, and her latest project could rejuvenate her town’s prospects. The only thing standing in her way is Ben, her high school sweetheart. Amber cannot forget about the passion they shared the night of their graduation party, or how Ben called her a slut afterward and ran off. She knows he’s big trouble, but still she cannot seem to resist temptation when he’s near…

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Not really one of my favorite stories with how it all played out. The hero and heroine met in high school with the hero being the new loner with baggage and the heroine being the popular with her dad's money following her. Regardless of their fights, they were attracted to each other. On the prom of night, they break off from the crowd then have a quickie up against the wall. I guess the both of them lose their virginities that night. Sadly, the hero botches the whole thing by calling her out for being loose and a whore. The heroine is so hurt that it takes everything she has to walk back to the dance floor. Then when the hero heads off into the world, she marries the man chosen by her family. Unfortunately, she married him at nineteen and had to deal with his adultery and alcoholism for six years till she was finally able to divorce him at 25. Three years later and she's being hassled by her father and stepmother on finding a man, bringing life into the town, etc. She finds the perfect land to be the hero's grandmother's land. She offers a generous offer that has the woman thanking her in tears. Only she finds out the next morning, that the papers are plastering her father's company and her are hassling, harassing, and threatening the grandmother off her land. This lands her in hot water with everyone, especially the hero who's a lawyer. He comes back to protect his grandmother from the bad people and I kid you not: the man is blind. Seriously, here's an example: the heroine and hero meet outside the grandmother's home with hairs raised and venomous words exchanged. Yet, the grandmother is so nice to the heroine with inviting her in for tea and cake. I don't know why the hero didn't find the whole thing the least bit suspicious. It's because his grandmother talks about getting all these harassing things but she's all about talking to the heroine like their old chums. However, she doesn't disregard the papers or the phone calls. This is odd because why wouldn't she defend the heroine on the papers but she did defend the her when it came to hero's assumption of throwing herself from man to man. I did like the hero apologizing personally to the heroine with an "I'm sorry" for his behavior when they were reunited and realizes his judgement was based on shallow appearances rather than what was underneath. After dinner, they go out for a drive with the intention of being honest about everything. It's how the hero learned that he stole the heroine's virginity that night and called her out for a lot of things. Now, the hero pulls up this speech about he didn't think he was worthy because he rich and she poor. The heroine forgives him and things start to go well till they see the grandmother's house on fire. The hero gets the grandmother out with the heroine bringing the grandmother's treasure along. The whole thing has the hero rip into the heroine of it being her fault since the fire shows arson. He only realizes after sitting with his grandmother that she couldn't have done. He goes back on the facts and realizes there was one person. The person turns out to be the heroine's stepmother who huffing and puffing as she bursts into the hospital in hopes the grandmother is okay. Once she learns the woman is fine, she bursts into tears and confesses to harassment in order to get he woman to sell. Her reason was wanting to be of help to her husband since he always treated her like a decoration and depended on the heroine for everything. The grandma overhears everything and forgives her. Then she confesses that she gave the false stories to the papers in hopes the hero would come home since she misses him so much. Then the heroine pulls this silly spiel of them being forgiven because they're going to become a family because she thinks he'll ask her to marry him. Two things: 1) why doesn't she ask him herself and 2) did she really need to put the hero on the spotlight and under pressure. Now, the two women are expecting him to answer right there. First, the hero does apologize for all the things he said to the heroine and he asks her to marry him. They have the huge wedding ceremony then we skip two years where they have a baby. Now, the ending was all good and well but I wasn't into the storyline or the characters.

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