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He holds her family’s future in his hands!

Ella was in a predicament. On top of her father’s furniture store being on the brink of bankruptcy, their house was about to be confiscated. Their creditor was a Greek businessman, Nikoros, the same man who stole a kiss from Ella one year earlier, right after she lost her fiancé. Now Nikoros is willing to clear her family’s debt…if she agrees to live in his mansion as his mistress for the next three months! For her family’s sake, she has no choice but to accept, but little could she know how much her time with Nikoros would change her!

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3.5 It was actually a blessing in disguise 4  4

The heroine is the hero’s target for revenge that has been years in the making. Strangely, he wants her body but not in the usual way. To start off, the heroine works at an animal shelter, has been going on family “dates” with her deceased fiancée’s uncle, and bears the weight of trying to pay off debts thanks to her father’s divorce settlement from his 2nd greedy ex-wife. The heroine can’t figure out a way to settle the debt till the hero struts in his proposal as the new creditor. He’ll pay for her family if she’ll agree to “the mistress” contract for 3 months. Initially, the heroine refuses but heavy pressure from the debt causes her to agree to the assignment. Of course, they lie about their arrangement for family. It’s actually where we first hear about the uncle’s feelings for the heroine. The heroine denies the notion. She’s oblivious to the man’s advances but the grandma and I can see beyond the flowers and requests for lunches to it’s true meaning. The heroine starts seeing the hero as a good person with the way he treats animals; always a good indicator. Then the hero finds out the heroine is a virgin and it frightens him in a different way. On their first night out, he warns that she cannot have any contact with the uncle whatsoever. Why, he won’t say but the conversation is diverted to his family’s past of abusive parents and his beloved sister who all died at different times. The next day, when the hero is away and the uncle breaks into the place. He tries to get the heroine to come with him with talks about how she owes him when he paid for his nephew’s treatment even though the man was gay. Then he assaults her but before anything goes further, the hero dashes in and beats the living daylights out of the guy. With the adrenaline still rushing in their veins, they have coitus. Later, the man is arrested for arson and it causes the hero to reveal his whole revenge: the uncle raped his sister. It turns out the guy has a fetish for raping virgins and after raping them, he bought his silence. However, the sister reported it to the police but she lost with the man walking free. The whole thing led her to commit suicide. He reveals he got close to her for revenge but fell for her in the process. He asks her to marry him and she says yes. The epilogue is bad guy getting what he deserved with the rape charges added to his crimes and he dies in prison. Hero and heroine get married and have a baby on the way.

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