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Their first meeting was far from ideal, and now they must spend time together on an island!

Woken by a phone call from her boss, Jess had to rush away to an urgent meeting. When she stepped out of her home, a man who had been following her around gave her a bottle of champagne. With no time to spare, she had to bring it along with her as she went on her way, ultimately dashing into an elevator at full speed. As she tried to catch her breath, the champagne popped, spewing the contents of the bottle all over a fellow elevator passenger. His stunned face was too stern to call handsome and his eyes were understandably filled with irritation. Jess apologized, but when she got to the meeting, he was there, too!

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3.5 quick but fun and okay 4  4

The heroine is the hero's future contract employee as a bodyguard till before they are actually introduced that she sprays him ( and herself) with champagne from former Client who the heroine keeps rejecting his "thank you's". So, all the running shook the bottle up so badly that the champagne bottle became the school version of a rocket. The hero and heroine are finally introduced and it turns out someone is threatening the hero and another individual who the heroine later discovers to be the man's little cute girl. Some suspect it's rival business but there's no proof. At first the heroine isn't hired till later that day. She does make a good impression on the boss with his daughter, making their attraction towards each other grow. However, the heroine thinks the hero is still in love with his dainty wife but she doesn't know what happened in the marriage. During her time there, she bonds well with the little girl who desperate for memories of her mother that she clings onto the things her mother would wear and makes up stories of her mother being in her life when the mother died when she was only 2. We get flashbacks of the hero's marriage where the wife never took the hero's dreams and feelings into account. She only wanted to look the best image, meaning him being a rugby star rather than an architect. There's also the Daddy's girl issue where she seems to be very focused on how her father feels and will do for her. The hero sees such a difference between the heroine and the wife on how they take care of the daughter. Finally a cockroach gets the ball rolling with the hero and heroine ready to go but it ends sourly when the topic of who's on birth control. When the heroine is home, kidnappers break in to steal the little girl but the heroine traps him and call the police. The hero comes back rushed and reveals his feelings to the heroine as well as the real story of his marriage behind the picture perfect image. Then the kidnappers reveal to be hired by the hero's partner's spoiled son who wanted more authority over the project he was sharing with the hero. The partner is so embarrassed that he banishes his son to another hotel but the hero still works with him because he's not the cause. At the end, the hero asks the heroine to marry him and she says yes. It was a nice and decent story

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