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If only princesses could love freely, Anna might have found true happiness…

After failing to escape from an arranged marriage, Princess Anna was trapped in a castle and had turned to Greg, a man with whom she’d once had a forbidden relationship, for help. Seeing Greg for the first time in years, Anna recalls the summer day when she sneaked into a summer festival disguised as a village girl and had a fateful encounter with the unrestrained and courageous Greg. They’d had a playful passion for each other, but now Greg is staring at Anna with cold eyes. Anna had chosen to abandon him and fulfill her life as a princess, but there’s a reason she had to turn to him now…despite his resentment.

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3.5 royal and cowboy 4  4

Interesting story of how it went. The hero rescues the heroine, her son, and her orphaned niece and nephew from the heroine's evil groom. Apparently, the heroine called in her desperate moment because she's being forced by her parents to marry this man. Yet, the King and Queen doesn't seem a bit perturbed by the rumors of his shady deals or the fact that he may have killed their other daughter because she fell in love with the aide of another prince and got married to and not the bad guy. To me, I wanted bop them on their heads for being idiots. Now, the hero and his brother quickly and easily rescue them, which is kind of weird that they were able to do it so quickly. He has them hide out in Texas for a while with the hero's brother taking the twin niece and nephew as their new adopted parents. The heroine hides out with her son and the hero and there's a tension between our main couple. The hero and heroine were in love but the heroine ended the relationship because she is a princess and had to go back to her duties. Then things get heated when news of the sleazy guy's suicide in Texas and reporters start swarming in and assaulting the heroine. I wanted to grab that reporter and throw hot black coffee all over him. They hide out at the hero's ranch where the little boy starts coming out of his shell. The hero realizes that he loves the heroine and wants to make her his. The heroine realizes she needs to tell the hero her big secret, especially when pressured by his mother who can see it clearly. The heroine finally tells the hero that the little boy is his son. He does not take it well at all. She goes on about how her parents tried to force an abortion on her. Now, she's being pressured again to come back and do her duties. The hero sees that she'll take their son back and refuses let their son go. The heroine is heartbroken but realizes that her son would be much happier with the hero than with her. She leaves the country and finally tells the father that she's taking charge. Six months pass and her work has given positive results where the news reaches the hero's ears. By then, the hero has calmed down to reflect on everything. During this time, the heroine's mother meets with hero who admits that she may have not been a good mother to the heroine and her sister, she doesn't feel it was right to leave the son behind. Then she tells the heroine that there's someone to see her and the heroine sees the hero. He apologizes for his heated words and put himself in her shoes after calming down to see the sacrifice the heroine was making for the people she loved. He asks in his own words if the heroine will marry him. We get two wedding with royal and county style. It was a good ending and a interesting story.

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