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The glass slipper may have been fake, but Clara’s feelings are real.

Clara manages a housekeeping company and has a young daughter she loves more than anything in the world. Her life is far too full for romance. One day Raff, a client’s brother, appears in her office. He’s been searching for his sister’s whereabouts and is at his wit’s end. He comes to Clara with the most unbelievable request. In order to reassure his father, who has collapsed from anxiety, he wants Clara to pretend to be his girlfriend, and he offers to pay her an enormous sum and a ten-thousand pound bonus at the end of it all. Who in the world is this man? Reluctantly accepting his offer, Clara still wonders if fulfilling his request will unbalance the delicate equilibrium of her life.

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The prince finally came 4  4

The heroine has been a single mother and the president of her small cleaning company. One day, one of her client's brother comes barging in. He demanding to know the location of his sister who has disappeared. The heroine states that she has no idea. They meet again at a bar and have a small chitchat. After they separate, we get the flashback on the heroine's life. We learn she was backpacking through Europe when she met her daughter's father. They have a passionate romance but when the guy introduced her to his family, they cast her out because she wasn't suitable. The guy didn't even call nor would he come to see his own daughter because he didn't want to be cut off from DAD's money. He's only sent checks that the heroine puts for in a bank for the daughter's college fund for the last ten years. He doesn't even ask for the kid's picture but the heroine sends them anyway. Now, the man has sent an email that he wants to see her but he doesn't want her to bring HER DAUGHTER. Wow, what a jerk!!! The next day, the hero comes begging for the heroine to be his pretend girlfriend because his grandfather is sick and with the recent disappearance of his sister, the hero needs a lady at his side to reassure the grandfather. The heroine rejects the proposal till the hero offers a huge payment that would expand her business. She accepts his request and he gives her a short family history. He worked at his grandfather's company till it became too much. He left but handed the reins over to his sister who was better at it then him. However, his grandfather showed favoritism to the hero and it caused a rift between the siblings, despite the hero's best efforts. I liked the places the hero took the heroine from outdoors obstacle course to a city boutique. Then the boutique become their place for the short passionate time. They meet the hero's grandfather who has many unpleasant things to say, so bad that they skipped the whole scene. Afterwards, the hero takes her out to dinner and the heroine opens up a little more like her ex-lover's recent activities. The hero being my knight in shining armor, offers to go and be her support. Boy, she did need him there to tell off those jerks about relinquishing rights for the daughter and a pay off. Things go better on the hero's side at the party. The grandfather realizes his ideal caused his grandchildren's rift, the sister is back, and everyone is reconciling. It was very sweet and their relationship goes well till the hero states he's going back to his work. Instead of saying she wants him to stay, the heroine lets him go. He leaves but comes back only to find she's gone on vacation with her kid. The irony being she's gone back to her ex's country. Plus, the ex is taking the daughter around town. The heroine figures the guy wants to prove to the daughter that he can be a part of her life. The heroine realizes that with this separation from the hero has made her miserable because she's in love with him. Right there, she turns to find the hero who confesses his love to the heroine. If it can't get any better, the ex appears with the daughter who is trying to encourage the daughter to come see him more. However, the daughter is too excited to see the hero to listen. It's at that moment the ex realizes miserably his actions have left him to be no part in the daughter's life. It hurts especially when he hears the daughter exclaim how happy she is to have the hero as her dad. So, he turns away. Yet, I don't feel sorry for him because he didn't go to see her or go out of his way for even a phone call. So, we get a happy ending with the heroine saying yes to the hero's proposal. I did like it a lot.

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