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His mercurial moods make it impossible for Matilda to know where she stands with her handsome client.

Cruel and notorious lawyer Dante trashed Matilda’s garden design, saying it was a waste of time and money. She hopes to never see him again, but then he becomes her next client. His wants her to create a healing flower garden for his daughter, who lost her mother in an accident. Matilda took him up on his offer because she was inspired by his deep love for his daughter. But now she’s going to have to live in his house for two whole weeks!

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Flower Power 3  3

The heroine has come to the opening of a garden she designed at a hospital where the CEO's son-in-law is to give her flowers and words of appreciation. Only moments before they're properly introduced to each other, he expresses his distaste at the gardening. He thinks it's a waste of time and money, he criticizes the heroine harshly. Then...…...he hires her to make a personal garden for his daughter. Both his in-laws and him are hoping to the garden will help the daughter heal because almost a year ago; the daughter and the hero's wife were stuck in a car crash where the poor child had to be stuck with her mother's body for hours. She has episodes of being violent and causing harm. The hero has taken her to every specialist known but they're all scratching their heads. So, the heroine makes the garden but she having to fight off the hero's advances. Now, the hero's reasoning is that by kissing her, he'll able to evade his more carnal desires. I just wanted to whack the guy with a rock in a sock!!! I mean this is harassment, plain and simple. I know that the heroine is trying to be professional and understanding because he hired and could destroy her career as well as she's trying to help a little girl move forward and heal but this is crossing the line. Finally, carnal pleasures go full on force but the little girl disappears. The In-laws blame and harass the heroine for being the cause and they find the little girl. The hero sends her away but she's able to figure the little girl's outburst have always occurred with the jasmine flower. It turns out that the hero gave the wife jasmine flowers that she was bringing back home when the crash happened. So, the little girl associated the smell or the sight of jasmine flowers to the time of her mother's death. It makes sense to the heroine and she hops a few countries to tell the hero since he won't take her calls. She tells the hero who's worse for wear who can't believe it's that simple. The hero tells the heroine that he gave up for her because he didn't want her to deal with the daughter's panic attacks but the heroine berates him for not giving her the choice. We have an open hearts confession with the hero finally confessing his love for the heroine because she confessed first. She angrily accepts since he proposed with everyone watching in order for her to accept. We skip a few years to the epilogue of the hero and heroine moving out of the house with their children. It was alright story but it was a bit on the fence with me.

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