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Without her own memories to turn to, can Alaina rely on her husband’s story of their love?

When she awoke from her coma, Alaina learned she had been in an accident and that she was suffering from amnesia. It appears that she has a husband and a child. Her husband is gorgeous and her baby is sleeping next to her… Her husband says they’ve been happily married for five years, but she isn’t so sure. Although he constantly talks about the future, Alaina is fixated on their mysterious past. She cannot deny the attraction she feels toward him…until she remembers the reason they were on the verge of divorce!

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2.5 it felt dull 3  3

The whole story felt bland, no taste or something. I mean, I like simple romances but this was like playing the game "Clue" only to realize at the end there really wasn't a murderer. It all starts out with the heroine waking up after a car accident but she has lost five years worth of memories. She has woken up to a husband and a baby they just adopted as their own. On doctor's orders, they are to resume life but not to tell the heroine much of anything because it might hurt her more than help. The hero does reveal their marriage and how they learned they were infertile that lead them to adopt a child but they've been starting to go to a multiple of surgeries because the baby has a clubfoot. We're introduced to the hero's mother who I've named after one of the Clue characters; Mrs. White. I wondered where the hero believed that she had some ulterior motive for suddenly appearing in their lives. We do learn as the heroine remembers things weren't that great between the hero and heroine over the subject of his mother like the fact he didn't stand on the heroine's side when the mother insisted on implementing her ideas for their wedding. The mother does confess to the heroine that she led a career focused life, putting the hero in the back seat and she has regretted it. She only wants to make up for lost time but she still doesn't mind her words or actions but the hero defends the heroine on numerous occasions. The second person is a neighbor who we'll call Mrs. Peacock. I wondered if she was some petty grudge holder but only turns out to be a gossiping Gabby who will brownnose anybody worthy to get her husband that senator's seat as the hero stated. Sadly, she's also the woman whose words lead the heroine to believe she was cheating on the hero. The hero is being supportive, waiting for her to be ready for more intimacy, and more. We learn about the hero's lonely past and the heroine's ex who assaulted her but had enough fingers in many pies to turn the court on the heroine, questioning her sanity, etc. The mother finally lets it slip about divorce and the heroine remembers that she and the hero were on the brink of divorce and why. It was the use of money: for example, the hero brought a huge yacht cruiser without even talking about it to the heroine and he barely used it. It didn't sit well with the heroine that he didn't bring it up and such a waste of money if he doesn't use it often. She confronts the hero about it and it's a conversation doesn't go well. The hero does see the mistakes he made, the irony being how he being like his mother with giving all this material wealth but not the time nor the affection. The heroine finally remembers that she wasn't cheating on the hero but was being attacked by the ex who forgo the restraining order that both court placed on them. It was the hero that wrestled the man to the ground and had him sent to prison. The heroine tells the hero that she wants to go on the boat and he confesses he bought the boat as a way to escape from work and it all. They realize the lack of communication was their downfall. They apologize to each other then make a decision together to work on their marriage. It was a nice ending but it all was rather dull.

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