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He was her first love, but now he’s her worst critic. Will they be able to spend a whole summer together?

Teddi is a student paying her way through college by modeling. She dreams of becoming a teacher one day. People around her sometimes misjudge her, assuming she lives a life of idle luxury. Her best friend Jenna has invited Teddi to her family ranch in Canada to spend the summer there, which sounds appealing…except that she doesn’t want to see Jenna’s brother, King. He makes biting remarks when he sees her. Why does her first love despise her this much? She wishes she could just hate him…

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No Darling here!! 1  1

The old saying from decades ago, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all,". It's one of the wisest common sense phrases that made it's way into a Disney movie but the hero don't know squat!!!! I mean he is just ridiculous because of his attraction to a young girl at least half his age. The hero met the heroine when she came with his sister from boarding school at fourteen. They met on and off because the heroine spent most time with his family rather than his aunt for three years. That didn't scream that there was a disconnection between the heroine and her only family. Now, when she comes by when she's seventeen. She starts screaming one night and he comes in and comforts her. He has no idea why she's screaming nor does he ask his sister if this is normal. If it were me then I would discreetly ask if this has happened before. The only thing he realizes is that he's a 30 year old man attracted to a teenager. So, he needs to stay away and I agree but I don't agree that he starts labeling her as some sort of a harlot. In fact, every time she visits, he becomes this selfish jerk. Yet, he does it when nobody is around. If I were his mother and caught him speaking so vile to the heroine, I would have yanked him by the ear to the nearest water trough with a king bar sized soap and a horse brush. Those lovely thick bristles would help scrub out the disgusting layers of poison words. This goes on for years up to the heroine is in college with the hero's sister. By then, the hero hired an accountant from there who states the heroine is sleeping with rich men and partying all night. Now this story clashes with the sister's story because she says the heroine is in college. Now, let's go about this with a little common sense: if the heroine were like the accountant said then why would she be wasting money on college and spending it on something she wants like a Chanel handbag or something. Then if she's what the sister states then when would she find the time for all those men and parties. However, the hero being an idiot decides to believe the accountant and ups his harassment game. The heroine is so hurt and distraught because she's honest with him about many things (not the dark stuff) but he doesn't take her word for it. The heroine does say some hurtful as well relating to the ranch, which the hero worked so hard to protect. She does finally figure out why the hero has been saying all that stuff when she visits the ranch on her next visit when she meets the accountant. She doesn't say but it turns out the accountant was an ex-boyfriend of the aunt who turned his twisted attentions onto the heroine when the aunt dumped him. I wasn't impressed with the hero's actions when he pushed the heroine up against the tree stating she wanted this and she's the one seducing him. I was glad she slapped him once to get him off. The heroine runs back to New York but gets into a car accident. When she's at home resting, the accountant turned stalker invades her home to rape her. She can't find him off with a broken ankle on one leg and a injured ligament for the other. He boasts about taking her virginity and nobody will believe her if she sues him for rape since everybody believes him like the hero. Fortunately for the heroine and unfortunately for the accountant, the hero heard everything!! He throws the man to the ground, fires his services, and threatens to ruin him if he comes close to the heroine again. Once, the guy is gone, the hero makes this 180 degree change to a concerned individual on the heroine's behalf. The heroine is baffled since the hero has always had it out for her. The hero admits that he hasn't realized how stupid he's been till now, which has me now concerned for his state of mind. He reveals everything from the beginning but there was something that caught me off guard. The hero states the hugging incident was two years ago when she was seventeen, so she would be nineteen to twenty now. If we're going by American college standards, the heroine would have graduated high school around 17-18 but she said that she only had one more year of college to graduate but it takes four years to achieve a degree in Education. So, that begs the question; how did she get that far? Was there some sort of a glitch in translation? Back to the story, the hero talks out on everything and the heroine forgives him. She finally reveals her dark secret that her virginity still intact because she was nearly raped by another one of her aunt's ex's. The hero holds and comforts, it's going real well then he asks her to marry him. I thought, you jumped too quick, dummy! But the heroine is all for it and we get a double wedding in the end. Yet, I couldn't like the story so much with what happened.

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