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The two of them were badly hurt, but they’ve ended up on the path toward a tantalizing romance…

Paddington Hospital is a popular children’s hospital housed in a former castle. Victoria, a paramedic, is always butting heads with haughty Dominic, a doctor there. Just today they had an argument over how to admit a patient. He always has to have the last word! One day, after discovering that the man she’s dating only got close to her to create a relationship with her father, Victoria goes somewhere she can cry alone. But then Dominic finds her and gently comforts her… She ends up wrapped in his warmth all night!

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it's not royal but it's good 4  4

We have a hero and heroine at odds about everything that includes each other. It takes an apology from the hero who realizes his mistake and his distant behavior have made it hard for his new coworkers to approach him. He's not the only one because the heroine is in the same boat that extends whenever people find out her father is a bigwig of how they treat her and the men who date her. The two have a hot night but the heroine is back to her distant self with the hero working on chipping away the ice. However, he has his own issues that the heroine slowly helps him with. It was only a few months ago when he discovered after getting excited over his girlfriend's pregnancy that she cheated on him with his brother. He tried to push for marriage but brother and girlfriend turned to each other. The heroine deals with a broken family and a distant family whose name has made it hard her. Then the hero and heroine work together in order to raise money for their hospital to stay open. The hero even asks the heroine out for a proper date. They do go on dates and just as the heroine starts to get comfortable, she finds out she's pregnant. Now, she's panicking because of how the hero will react since pregnancies are still a sensitive subject. Nor does she want him to reject them like her father did. Next comes the fundraiser party where the heroine's father, the big guest works out a deal. However, that deal kind of crashes when his brother and ex-girlfriend comes crashing in because they think something is wrong with their baby. The father makes a rude comment about them giving a cheap show. So, the hero gives him a well deserved right hook and rushes them to the hospital. They do find there is a problem and fix it. The whole thing gives the hero a chance to rebuild his relationship with his brother and hold his nephew for the first time. Then he finds out the heroine is quitting. He finds her, she tells him he's pregnant, and she says no because he's doesn't rely on anyone and suffocates other with being a smart aleck. Then comes a scary situation that involves dealing with the heroine's father together. The hero manages to persuade him to save a patient. Afterwards, the father apologizes and leaves. The heroine thinks it's the end but he hero comes in and gives a lovely heart to heart for her. He asks her to marry him and she says yes. Then we get a nice epilogue.

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