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Their marriage will allow her country to prosper. His love will change her life.

Princess Eva has traveled to Xaviera to meet her fiancé. As she stands by the stables, a handsome young man suddenly commands her to take care of his horse. It’s her fiancé, Alex, who mistook her for a maid. Alex is an infamous playboy, and Eva’s dressed so plainly she was mistaken for a servant! Eva is anxious, but Alex proves himself to be kinder than his first impression, so she decides to go through with the wedding in order for her country to prosper. But Alex isn’t interested in getting married! How is Eva, an uninitiate when it comes to love who has never even kissed a man before, supposed to change his mind?

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The hero and heroine are engaged; but it's a cover that the hero and heroine are slowly brought in. In the beginning, the hero is "marry" the heroine because she was previously his brother's engaged partner until what happened in the first book. The two are a bit standoffish to each other but the heroine plans to make the most of it. She tries since her country is still suffering under the rumors of her father running off with OW. At first, the hero asks the heroine to annul the engagement but doesn't tell her why till later when they're conversing at a closer level that he lost the woman he loved after his mother's death. The heroine doesn't want to annul the since she needs to give her country stability, even though her countless hours of work and dedication to charities work of her country have left her as an undesirable factor. Then the hero is let in on a big secret: the heroine's father hasn't run off but has gone into hiding to find proof that his brother is organizing a coup de tact. With only a few select individuals that includes the hero's father and brother know to help. They also reveal that the marriage itself is a sham. The hero brings the heroine into it later in the day when she sees his attitude change 180 degrees. He even compliments the heroine on being able to handle the pressure. After that, the acting comes into play but the line between acting and reality becomes blurred. They open up to each other about things mentioned earlier, falling in love but they try to resist since it isn't real. This is actually one of the things that I like about the book was seeing both their perspectives in the same setting. Then on the night of the party after a standoff with the heroine's uncle, the hero and heroine escape to have a deep kiss and one thing leads to the hero confessing his love for the heroine but he states they can't be together since she'll find someone better. He sticks by it even after the heroine confesses her love for him. Then an assassination attempt on the heroine's life gets the hero going. After the heroine awakens with the hero at her side, the two open everything up and go all way. The next thing after the coitus is the hero getting the news they got the sniper and the evidence to convict the uncle. News spread and rumors are dispersed. The heroine's father comes to pick up the heroine and her mother with plans to find the heroine a good man to marry. As the hero watches them go, his brother encourages him to go after the heroine by using his own experience in the previous novel as a life lesson. The hero figures out his feelings and rushes to the airport. When he finds the heroine and gives this beautiful confession of love. The heroine says yes and we get a happy ending. I rather liked how the story went and it was enjoyable.

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