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Can tomorrow’s love grow out of yesterday’s heartache?

Libby gave birth to her child without telling her ex-boyfriend, Samuel, whom she’d fought and broken up with eight years ago. Her heart aches to see that her child resembles her father more each day. Then Libby gets in a car accident and falls into a coma… (The Promise) When Jolie was pregnant and abandoned by her boyfriend, his brother, Drew, was the one who saved her. He married Jolie and did everything to help support her and the baby. Now, seven years later, Libby’s ex has come back! (Taggart’s Bride)

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Promise 4/ Taggert's Bride 4 4  4

I found the Promise to be quite a good story in terms of it be a short novella. The heroine is a single mother with her little boy. She left the hero years ago and has been living happily but still has a lot of lingering regrets what with denying her son a father and not having a plan of someone taking care of him if anything should happen to her. The irony of it all is that right when she is thinking this is when she gets hit by a semi-truck then transferred to ICU, and ends up in a coma. The poor boy is scared out of his mind with seeing his mom bandaged up and hanging on for his birthday then finding out he might be placed in an Orphanage because his mom's friend doesn't have the funds to take care of him. So, his friend and the boy's older brother put up on a website video in hopes they can find the hero or at least some family member who can take him in. The boy's paternal grandmother sees the program and immediately recognizes the boy and contacts the hero in the Middle East. He rushes as soon as he can and it very good with dealing in the whole suspicions and glares. We get to see the hero's past where he made a bad mistake of losing the heroine and has been looking for her ever since. I loved how he handled the little boy and the paparazzi hounds from cornering the kid. Then the heroine wakes up and it's a pretty happy reunion for all three. I liked how the hero and heroine had that alone time to talk things out with one another about the past and the present situation. I loved the ending with the two finally confessing their love and the hero's mother showing up with a mountain of presents. Taggert's Bride was an interesting one. So, the hero and heroine have been married for many years that started with the hero gave up his rodeo dream to marry the heroine who got pregnant and left behind by his irresponsible step brother. They married for the kid but fell in love with each other. However, one thinks the other is with them for obligation. Things start to tense up when the step-brother is back in town and wiggling his brows at the heroine who has gotten over him and wants the hero. Yet, the hero thinks the heroine might go back to the guy. This actually spurts a long awaited conversation. What's more, the heroine finds out that even after careful protection, she's pregnant with the hero's baby. She wants to tell the hero but his off-standish behavior makes it hard for her to breach the walls. The two do finally have the talk/fight out about everything. They realize the misconceptions and the other is in love with them. The heroine tells the hero about the new baby and we get a cute ending with the hero, heroine, son, and new baby. All in all, they were pretty good novellas.

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