Passion Romance MARCO'S PRIDE

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Is this rekindled love a mistake?

“I won’t allow her to ruin the wedding!” Marco boomed, his voice reaching the ceiling of the design studio. The famous fashion designer is two and a half months away from marrying his duchess fiancée, Marilena, when his ex-wife, Payton, arrives with their twin girls from San Francisco. Payton, who swore never to return to Milan, has come to entrust the children to her ex-husband’s care. She has a dark secret: it looks as if the same awful disease that killed her mother will take her, as well…

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well..... 2  2

The story is really a hot potato story and not the good kind. For example, I actually felt sorry for the OW who lost her fiancee not once but twice to the same woman. And this is even after her little revenge for the second separation. In the beginning, the hero and heroine's marriage was as fragile as spun glass since they only got married because the heroine got pregnant. Both of them were in love with each other but neither took it upon themselves to do open communication from voicing positive and negative feelings. I mean the heroine was facing the scrutiny of destroying the perfect couple, not being of the right class or citizenship to the point she wanted the marriage to end. She leaves the hero and takes their twin girls to the USA but the hero doesn't go after them. In fact, he lost major brownie points for not even attempting to see his little girls. He talks about wanting to see them but he never took action and it wasn't like he was strapped for cash. He goes on with his life and gets reengaged to the same woman only for the heroine to show up out of the blue with requests that he spend time with his girls. He's immediately suspicious and so would I with the hero's wedding around the corner. There's a lot of cruel words exchanged between hero and heroine. They're only able to hold an adult conversation when it comes to work. The heroine finally tells the hero that she may have cancer and is waiting for the results. Now, he tells the OW but she holds no sympathy because of the matter that the kids will stay with them and ruin her wedding, honeymoon, being a bride before a mother, and the fact she doesn't want to be a mother to his kids. Well done woman, you've done cast yourself in the bad light. The hero takes the heroine and girls on vacation where they finally have that talk out about their failed marriage. The hero reveals he loved the heroine and the heroine reveals her anxiety during those times. Once that's all cleared up, the hero declares he's ending the engagement and sticking to marrying the heroine. The heroine rejects it of course but it doesn't stop him from ending it with the OW who becomes real sore and devious the scheme that makes the hero think the heroine was manipulating him. He believes it and he's back to square one with the heroine. Only when he calls the OW and she confesses her lie as way to make him feel pain the same way she does. He runs back home but finds the heroine gone. He relents and mopes over losing the heroine till she appears before him. He apologizes with an "I'm so sorry" and then they have another talk where confessions of love are said and the confirmation the heroine doesn't have cancer. It all ends happily but I really wasn't for it.

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