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Will their grief ever let them find happiness again?

At her best friend’s wedding, Jo instantly fell in love with the groom, Rufus. After an unfortunate accident takes her friend’s life, Jo plans to keep her feelings a secret forever. But then, after a year of silence, Rufus shows up at Jo’s door in the middle of a stormy night. A flash of lightning illuminates his sad, handsome face, and the feelings in Jo’s heart awaken, stronger than ever. The two of them seek each other’s comfort in the midst of their grief. But can they pursue a new love without sullying their memories of the woman they both lost?

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different sides to one person 3  3

The hero and heroine were attracted to each other on the day of the hero's wedding to the heroine's best friend. It's obvious that there's going to be trouble from there on. They avoid each other because of their attraction with each other on different things. The heroine focuses on work and the hero focuses on the wife. The hero and wife attempt to get pregnant for over a year but news of the wife's fertility being at a low puts her in down spirits. Then the poor wife dies from a bad fall during one of her horse rides. Then the hero and heroine see each other at the funeral then again after fourteen months pass. The hero comes under the guise that there's a will(there is) left behind by the wife for the heroine. Then the two are revealing their pain over the loss of the wife and how they were imperfect in comparison then having the other comfort them by telling them how the wife would always compliment them. The whole raw feelings leads to the night of passion with the usual awkward feelings in the morning. The hero wants to pursue a relationship with the heroine but the heroine feels that she's betraying her dearly departed friend by dating her husband. Another thing that's common but made it so interesting was the heroine's bewilderment from the hero's cool side to this playful joe. I liked because it showed that the man doesn't have to be this all cool man when he can have this ordinary happy side. It's an obstacle. Yet, it's not a major obstacles like the one listed earlier. That's one of the major obstacles in the whole progression of the hero and heroine's relationship. Ironically, talking about the dead wife to other people like the wife's sister is what build relationships and making others stronger. Now, after that night, the heroine discovers she's pregnant and the hero convinces her to marry him for convenience. The heroine does but her heart is all over the place from dealing with her attraction to the hero and being loyal to the friend. Their marriage goes fine till the heroine not only suffers a miscarriage but her of getting pregnant are lowered since one of her fallopian tubes burst. That puts their marriage on the rocks since they were only marrying for the child. They finally do have that big fight with the heroine running off and the hero searching every nook and cranny for her. During their short couple of hours separation, the heroine realizes she didn't need to be perfect like the friend only to be her own perfect self. So, she goes back to the hero and they open up about their past with being attracted to each other on the wedding day. The two decide to start over and make a new path for the future. We skip over a year or so where everyone is living happily and there's a sweet little baby in the picture. it was an alright romance.

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