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I’ve secretly loved you all my life. This will be our last time together.

Louise has secretly loved her cousin Max ever since they were kids. After he stood her up at her last high school dance, she buried her feelings and started to avoid him. Not long after, Max became the manager of the family restaurant. Louise has since become a top-rated PR consultant. But after finding out that she was adopted, she shut herself off from her family and decided to move out of the country. Her only regret is Max. Determined to make Max see her as a woman, she decides to work with him for three weeks before her departure.

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not what I expected but really good 4  4

The story kept me a bit on my toes with how the hero and heroine were reacting to certain events in their lives. The two were cousins and both of them hid their feelings since they were related. However, three months from present date, the heroine finds out she's adopted. How? Because her father's ex before his marriage had a son and he's giving him the position that the heroine was groomed for years. Now, I felt the father was speaking a bit hypocritical because here he is stating that he's loves the heroine but he's giving her job to long lost son because of blood or something (I put it down as bad choice of words). It breaks the heroine's heart. So, she decides to three things: cut off all contact from her family, help the family name one more time, and give the hero one more chance. It's due to the fact she just found out he's fair game and gives him an opportunity. The hero was a bit hard to understand: I understood that he's been busy with his restaurant, it's always been the restaurant problem or emergency that has the hero cancelling the heroine out on Christmas, birthdays, days to hang out, etc. And he's being polite on the whole adoption subject. Yet, I wanted to know where he was during those 3 months of the heroine suffering and processing the news. I mean this was a huge family reveal and she needed someone and not just a friend. Going back to the present, the heroine and hero work together to bring the hero's restaurant the PR it's due. She lists her price as a kiss and it throws the hero off the kilter. Although, by midway of the book, they finally do it. As we read throughout, we wait for this huge drama scene between the heroine and her adoptive parents (can't say just parents yet). Fortunately, the hero is able to help her forgive and move forward with her parents by going on his experience of his parents leaving him constantly. He remarks on how he was envious of the heroine's parents and she should forgive them. She does meet them and I was actually thrown for a loop for her reason of cutting them out. I was actually more pleased the heroine was able to forgive them and move forward. It did make me wonder if she was actually staying since she was leaving the country for one of those reasons; and she still is. The hero and heroine decide to go as each other's date but the hero stands her up again. The kitchen got flooded. He sees the heroine and she states it's fine since the restaurant is the most important thing to him. He shouts out that he wants to marry the heroine (confesses his love and opens his heart) and will be there for her on the next night out. The heroine gives him one more chance to show at the big family night but for some reason; the universe has it out for him and he stands her up again. It's because one of his honored guests was having a heart attack during his dinner with his mistress. The hero wanted to call an ambulance but the mistress stated that if he didn't do what she said then she smear the restaurant's name with everything she had. The heroine takes the hero's no show as a sign to leave. She has no idea that the hero has been looking and waiting for her all night in the winter cold. He's found by her friend who gives him the news the heroine is leaving the country today permanently. He's given a chance to find her plane number because of the friend. The hero sits beside the heroine and admits that he's pushed her patience past the limit. She comments that the restaurant is his most important thing and he gives her something that worth more sentimental value than capital: Co-ownership of the restaurant. The hero states he wants the heroine to have the second most important thing in his life. His words and actions encourage the heroine to give him another chance. Then he pulls out a ring, and it's a comical scene. The ending is great with the heroine running to the hero in her bridal dress.

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