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How can she be carrying her rival’s baby?

Rose is building her career in the big city, but she goes back to her family ranch after her father falls off a horse. It appears that a chain of strange incidents have affected her family, and the rival Devlin family may be to blame. When she returns home, she finds a man she didn’t expect when she opens the door—Tom Morgan, the same man she had a night of passion with five months ago when she attended a business convention. It turns out Tom is a Devlin…and she’s pregnant with his baby!

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ranch vs. city 4  4

The hero and heroine met during a business convention and had a passionate fling that resulted in her getting pregnant. Now, she doesn't know where the hero is but ends up going back to her hometown and getting a real shock with him sitting on her family's couch with the last name of her family's century old enemy. The hero's decided to move to the hometown when he found out where his roots were and was welcomed by the current head of his family (his uncle). Now, he's working with the elite club in order to figure out who's been sabotaging the heroine's family and land. She also learns from the hero that he was born out of wedlock and his mother feared her father's wrath had put him up for adoption where he was raised with love by his adoptive parents. He didn't know about his adoption till after they died in an accident. The heroine does tell her family first about the baby who are all excited over a new family member even with circumstances the father doesn't know nor will this keep the heroine at the ranch. It's because the heroine hates the ranch life and I believe part of it stems from seeing how her mother hated ranch life but stayed with her father for it. Later, the hero and heroine go on another date where they meet our future suspects and the hero makes his intentions clear that he wants to start a relationship with the heroine. The heroine gives in to the night of passion but doesn't go with the strings attached part. Afterwards, the hero comes by with a club made solution to lure the culprits out with using the heroine as bait, something the whole family is against. The heroine is for it in order not to raise suspicion but the hero isn't stupid and is able to piece things together. He confronts the heroine if she's pregnant and she tells him the truth. He says marry me and she says no since his proposal is out of obligation and she wants love. Plus, there's the second reason, which I listed earlier. Then the hero and heroine set the trap in a public diner and it sends two suspects scurrying for the door. The hero and heroine start talking more and more with the hero comprising with the heroine about moving wherever she wants. The heroine is surprised since it would mean the hero is giving up his ranch dream and putting himself in the same position as her mother. He tells her that both she and their baby are worth it and to consider the idea. Next, a distraction is set and the heroine and hero try to stay together. However, the heroine gets kidnapped by one of the culprits who is not only the hero's distant relative but the man who admits to everything like killing the hero's grandfather. She resists against him long enough for the hero to catch up. The relative escapes and the heroine is fine. The whole thing shakes the hero's nerves and he tells the heroine he loves her. It doesn't if she's pregnant or not, his feelings are the same. The heroine confesses her love for them too. Then they drive off to the hospital to check if everything is ship shape. The heroine is on bedrest but everyone is fine. Then her brother-in-law lets them in on the latest news: the relative was found shot and it sounds there's another player in the game. Nevertheless, it was a nice ending with their wedding and the heroine realizing her mother's words were blinding her from the truth and what was really important.

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