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Once more, I have to live with a man who I never wanted to live with again.

It’s been over a year since she caught him cheating on her. Although she’s been struggling, Samantha’s getting used to a new life with her young daughter. One day, her estranged husband showed up at her apartment. He came to tell her about the massive inheritance that her father-in-law left for his granddaughter. But he gave her a shocking condition in order to receive it. If Samantha wants to receive the inheritance, she and Annie need to live with him for the next six months. Samantha can’t live with the man who betrayed her. But when she thinks about her daughter’s future… Samantha decided to go back to his house and engage in a marriage in name only.

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Wow.......just wow 2  2

Caution: It's going to be a long review and rant. When I rented this harlequin, it didn't have any stars that show who liked or disliked it. This is because people figured out from reading the synopsis or going through the preview figured out that it's bad. However, I wanted to see how bad and it was horrendous. First, I will give two reasons why I gave this story two stars: Star 1) The hero is trying to repair the marriage(a half and half job done) and Star 2) the heroine finally tells the OW to back off. That is it, no more stars because it doesn't get better, no joke. The heroine gets married to the rich lawyer hero. There are mixed feelings with the marriage but the heroine is just happy to be with the hero. However, she gets the doubts about whether the hero loves her truly because he's surrounded by these sophisticated and intelligent women when the heroine feels average. One of them in particular who's snide at the heroine and the hero is always complimenting her. In fact, I don't ever see in the flashbacks of the hero complimenting the heroine on being a good wife, mother, daughter-in-law, etc. Then the heroine comes back home to find the hero half naked in bed with the fully naked OW!!!! To top it all off, the hero's arms were wrapped the woman. The heroine runs off to the OW laughing at her and the hero says it isn't what it is. Now, for the rest of the story, it's going to be gang up against the heroine. It's because the heroine's friends say the hero is rich and should be exempted if he has couple of affairs since he gives her all those cool stuff. I'm sorry but would you "the friends" say the same thing if the person you loved so much that you were willing to enter a martial union under the pretense that you would only be with each other for each other had changed you from being the ONE to being one of the Buffet!!! The author is also going to use the characters (OW and hero's big sister) to twist this whole thing into like it was the heroine's fault for not trusting the hero's word. Okay, Okay, Okay, take my word and don't believe those two crackpots because they're stupid. Why? It's because the OW didn't want to put down that it was her fault for acting like a harlot and the sister didn't want to believe the heroine was in the right because she didn't see the heroine as a qualified wife for the hero. Now, a year of filing for divorce, going through the divorce settlement, being a single mom and a worker, and then losing the one ally she had (her beloved father-in-law), it gets worse. Apparently, the father-in-law left an inheritance specifically for the heroine and hero's daughter, which can only be fulfilled if the heroine comes back with the hero to work on their marriage. The heroine is against it but reluctantly agrees to it on the behalf of her daughter needing that money for her education or something. We get flashbacks on how they met to the point he was at a conference and she drove up to surprise him. Unfortunately, she was the one surprised with the bedroom scene. We go back to present where the heroine is immediately bulldozed by the older sister and neither she nor the hero say anything to make her step down. When the hero and heroine are finally alone, the issue comes up. The hero states the OW and were only business but he comes up with the lame excuse they were drunk and fell asleep. *Note* I want everyone to know that the man is not telling the full truth/therefore, lying to the heroine. If he's trying to repair their marriage then lying her to protect the OW is not helping. Furthermore, he can't seem to get it to click that he needs say sorry. You think it would be because he's admitting that he's guilty but it's not that. His whole denial has the heroine believing that he doesn't see himself as guilty. Whether or not it wasn't what it looked like, the hero never apologized for what she witnessed. The heroine states she'll never believe him, he lets it go, and says let's try to get by the next few months. He gives her the okay (despite her saying that he has no say) in pursuing a part time job. She gets a job and is good at it where the hero compliments all the things she was a year ago and now. Then he invites her to a party where the OW is going to be, saying how she's his wife and everything. The heroine goes and gets harassed by the OW about how she's unsuitable and all that. Now, the hero sees the heroine and the OW leave the bathroom right after each other with the heroine in a foul mood Yet, even with his great lawyer skills, he can't light a bulb in figuring out that the great OW, the very same woman who crawled into his bed then laughed at his wife as she ran out would say something hurtful. He tries to say something but she cuts him off. He says they'll tomorrow but tomorrow, he's too busy yelling and throwing accusations at the heroine when she goes out to see the "friend" who stated the heroine and him are getting married. In reality, the friend actually wants to be more than friends. She rejects him and he goes off with accusing the heroine of sleeping with the hero for the inheritance. Worse yet, he blames the heroine for making him say those things. First, the heroine didn't make you say those things; you thought them, you said them, you take responsibility for them!!! Second, you are a grown adult but you aren't taking responsibility for your words and actions. *That says a lot*. Moving back to the hero who's all upset for the heroine being with the OM; this is where the stupid light bulb needs to be blaring to neon yellow/white. If the hero was feeling jealousy, anxiety, betrayal, and pain from learning the heroine was with the OM with their daughter then he should figured out how the heroine must have felt when she walked in on him. Instead, he's angry and keeps denying what the heroine thinks what happened but doesn't even give her an explanation. The fight only stops because he caught a fever and the heroine ends up being his home secretary in order for him to get rest and stay on top of his current cases. Now, the heroine ends up working at her job, working as the hero's assistant, and caring for their daughter. Yet, they're no where closer in rebuilding their relationship (from my perspective). After the hero wins his trial, the heroine runs into the OW with more poison in her mouth. This is where Star 2 comes; the OW is "impressed" with the heroine's backbone and confesses that nothing happened. She said that she fell for the hero and tried to forget about him but couldn't. Nor could she understand why he was married to the heroine. So, after getting dumped by her last boyfriend, she sneaks into the hero's room and when he goes to sleep. She pounces him from the back. She confesses her love and he politely rejects with how he loves the heroine. However, *sarcasm for the next few sentence*, he's kind enough fulfill her request of holding her that night and not revealing what happened between them. That man was more of an chivalrous idiot that I realized!! You (hero) knuckled headed, one cell, Ding Dong!! You just gave this great speech about loving only your wife but you couldn't think for a second that the position you were in was awkward like maybe you get out of bed, put on some clothes, and then give her a hug!! He didn't even rub two sense of guilt and common sense that embracing another naked woman would hurt his wife. Then the OW tries to place the whole thing from last year on the heroine's shoulders when the hero is such a great guy. I'm sorry but I'm not going to believe the Harlot who tried to commit adultery. She just doesn't want to see herself as a homewrecker and she's lucky that neither hero or heroine ever told anybody about it because it would have ruined her new career as a lawyer. Plus, whining about her dating tons of men but never finding the one. Could it be the reason they broke up or one of them dumped her wasn't because they weren't tired of her nagging them to put the toilet seat down but the fact she kept comparing them to the hero?????!!!!! Plus, she was the low harlot laughing at the heroine's horror because it was silly. There is nothing silly about it!!! You just don't want to be reminded of what you did was awful. She only admits she feels guilty now since the heroine stood up to her but she doesn't apologize. Then the heroine goes home and she runs into the sister-in-law who acts like she was some fairy godmother who was testing the heroine to see if she was "worthy" of the hero. This is after the OW calls her to tell her what she did. Now, this is the perfect opportunity for the sister-in-law for her to say, "I didn't realize, I'm sorry, " but she never does. According to the sister, she didn't want the hero to marry the heroine because she believed the heroine didn't share their same values. I'm sorry, what did you say? She opens up that she was married to a commoner but they got divorced for reasons that are never revealed in the book. So, she projected her failed marriage onto the hero and heroine's marriage by stating she doesn't share their values. So, the sister-in-law's values don't pertain to monogamy, family, honesty, etc. I mean the heroine gave up her job prospects right after getting out of college to look after the father, be a mother, and then be the hero's rock. She had all the values, the sister-in-law just didn't like she didn't choose the heroine herself. Instead, she just wanted the Harlot OW because she's a lawyer and from a prestigious family. Then when the two are about to make headway, she makes one more attempt of breaking the hero and heroine up by slipping in the condition of where the hero doesn't get his inheritance if he doesn't get back together with the hero. I was surprised that despite the hero eavesdropping, he didn't shout at his sister. However, the heroine states she believes him now and will listen. He states he doesn't want the inheritance and is only using to fund a scholarship. Now, this is the falling action where the hero is saying all these nice thing. He admits that he was wrong for making her stay at home but as I stated earlier, he doesn't apologize for the misunderstanding. The heroine doesn't say, "Sorry, I didn't believe you either" but that doesn't happen. The ending was supposed to be nice but it whole content of the entire story wasn't working for me. I couldn't like it one bit.

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