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You rejected me with cold words, so why did you show up after all this time?

Her marriage to the wealthy Marcus ended after only three years. Vanessa left his house in sadness, but she was suddenly struck with nausea. One year later, Vanessa is helping with her aunt’s bakery. Vanessa’s dream is to deliver her aunt’s pastries all over the United States, so she wants to expand the business. One day, she receives an offer from an investor, who turns out to be her ex-husband, Marcus. She can't let him find out about her secret! Vanessa tries to turn his investment offer down, but then Marcus tells her a surprising truth!

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It was sweet. 4  4

It's the classy miscommunication and wrong interpretation but it wasn't boring at all. Now, the hero and heroine met at a restaurant with the heroine being the waitress. She makes an impression on the hero with her NO's and values. So, he takes pursuing her till she goes on a few dates to see that he's a good guy. He asks her to marry him and she says yes. They have a happy wedding except when the hero's aristocratic cold woman struts in with calling the heroine a waitress and barely giving out heartfelt congratulations. Now, the heroine keeps attempting to build a relationship with the mother despite the hero's insistence that it's no use and she shouldn't care what the mother thinks. However, the heroine thinks the hero doesn't want her to be like his mother the sophisticated and elegant lady. I don't think she got that he didn't want her to be like the cold-hearted and selfish woman. Sadly, it was the case at all. The hero saw all the stress of losing weight the heroine suffered in order to try to build the relationship with the man's mother. He felt that their marriage was becoming a prison to her and wanted to free her from it. So, he killed off his feelings and pushed her to divorce him. He was miserable but he did it. Then a year after their divorce, he saw a picture on her aunt's bakery website. His hold broke since he couldn't live without her. So, he goes under false pretenses of investing in order to get the heroine back. Although, he gets a couple of surprises on the way; one of them being his baby boy. In order to stay closer, he fakes an injury when the heroine's aunt pushes him out the door and accidently down the flight of stairs. It's clear to see that both are still attracted to each other but the hero has no idea that the heroine called the hero to notify him of her pregnancy but his secretary said that he wasn't taking any calls from her (lie). As the reader goes through the plot we see the pieces of the puzzle revolving around the hero's secretary that was recommended by his mother *suspicion, suspicion*. The heroine finally puts the pieces of the puzzle together and asks the hero if he constructed the secretary to tell the heroine that he wasn't taking her calls. The hero is able to put the pieces of the puzzle real quick that the man was acting on his mother's orders. Why? Apparently, the hero recently discovered the two are lovers and have been before the his father died. The hero opens up about why he pushed her away in the first place and it's a hot night. The two agree on bringing their little boy to the hero's mother in hopes she'll change her mind about them. The hero also reveals that he was faking the injury. The hero and heroine are warmly welcomed by the his brother's family but the mother is standing strong and snobbish. She rejects her grandson and tries to walk away. So, the hero removes her from executive chair and hands the secretary over to her, since he can manage money better than she can (in the days the hero was gone, she got the man to use company funds in buying a castle where her ancestors originated from). He also hands the reins over to his brother since he's moving with the heroine and helping expand the business. The heroine gives her a basket of goodies and they walk away from the family. Years pass where the heroine and hero are expecting their second child with business booming and their little boy being a rascal. They also keep getting orders from the mother for the goodies that seemed to have sweeten her sour personality. It was a really sweet ending.

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