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It was supposed to be just a one-night stand, but it became a sweet and dangerous love…

Veronica came to Paris from New Zealand to sightsee. But right after she arrived, she spent her days in bed with the flu. Her only pleasure was staring at the attractive man sitting in the bar across from her hotel. On her last day in Paris, she recovered from the flu and decided to go to the bar he frequents. One thing led to another and they decided to go sightseeing together. They couldn’t communicate well linguistically, but Vanessa had an amazing night with the man she’d been dreaming about for the past few days. The next morning, she left him without saying goodbye to keep their meeting as a good memory of being in a foreign country. But when she arrived at her next destination, he was at the station!

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a good romance 4  4

The heroine goes on vacation that was supposed to be for her sister and her but the sister had a gig to do, plus she was using the heroine as free caregiver to another friend. Then the heroine has the worst vacation experience: she's so sick that she has to stay in the hotel bed for the entire time in Paris. She finally gets better on the last day where she gains the courage (after her last encounter with a man) to walk up to a guy that she's been seeing out of her hotel room window and strike up a chat in broken English. The guy shows her around and gives her a great time for the anniversary of the French Revolution. Things get hot and steamy in the night but the heroine panics for having coitus with a stranger. Not to mention her ghosts of bad boyfriends past make her think that it's going to be another one of the bad experiences. She rushes out of the room and leaves behind a memento the hero find and takes with him. Then misunderstandings appear when the hero catches the heroine at the same train station. He throws a lot of accusations in perfect English of stalking and such but never says anything definite for the heroine to understand. The heroine is incredibly hurt but becomes shocked when running into the man again as the stepson of the woman she's supposed to be helping. After they're properly introduced, the hero apologizes for his misunderstanding and words because he's been harassed by the paparazzi lately and thought the heroine was one of them. After the heroine accepts his apology, he makes his intentions clear that he's attracted to the heroine but she rejects his advances. Why, haunted bad men got replaced by the awful fiancée who had a side dish and called the heroine ugly. The next day, the hero takes her out to arts and craftsman stores for the heroine to set up business connections for her online company store. The heroine notices the hero smiling and blushing when their eyes meet but thinks nothing of it. Days pass and the heroine concludes that the hero is a good guy but she's afraid of pursuing a relationship since all past guys have been awful. There is a certain situation when the fiancée of one of the girls makes a move on the heroine and she tries to keep away. However, she learns from that her sister made a play for the hero and thinks the hero might have done it with her because he wanted the sister who he must have done it with too. The hero dives in to stop it all. He does scold the heroine but the heroine actually wonders if the hero is jealous. I did like the heroine not keeping the information to herself and asked the hero about it. He states the sister did make a pass but he rejected it. He reveals that he's not big on women like the sister because of how they act with seducing men. The hero's gross income and looks don't help him either. The two have another bout of coitus. Then things go rocky when the hero and heroine are surrounded by paparazzi at a jewelry store. The hero has her put on a ring to fake out an engagement. Apparently, the paparazzi have it misunderstood that he's been dating another girl when he hasn't and puts a ring on her finger. The heroine thinks the whole thing is an act and goes along with it. When the paparazzi sees it isn't the OW, they leave but the heroine manages to hear the name of the OW. She gets more information on the hero and OW. Then finds a pen with the phrase with love from the OW. The heroine uses it as evidence that the hero is having an affair with the OW. Things only go worse when the OW ruins his grandma's B-day party, stating she's divorcing her husband and is having a baby. The hero walks off to take the OW to the station and the heroine gives the ring to one of the family members, stating that the engagement was only a cover for the paparazzi. She heads straight home and the hero returns two days later shouting for the heroine. The family member gives him a scolding. He tries to call her but she doesn't answer. Two months of throwing herself into her work and she has done a good job. Heroine then goes to a potential Client who has a newspaper that shows the OW stating her new boyfriend to be OM. Then the hero appears in a suit and an explanation. He tells the heroine that the OW and him were never together to begin with. They only dated a short while before she got married. Then when she started her affair, she used the hero's identity in order to protect her boyfriend. The hero allowed it because he wanted to protect the friend but he was getting sick of all the paparazzi hounds. He asks if she was only with him for him and she does. He goes on about how he was very attracted to the heroine from the start and was going to make the engagement real on the night of the party till the friend came. Now, with everything out in the air, he's come for the heroine. The heroine opens up about how she thought the hero's feelings for her weren't true since her string of bad luck men. The hero comforts her and assures that she's the woman he loves and wants. It was quite romantic really. He asks the heroine to marry him and she says yes in tears. It was really a sweet ending.

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