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I don’t care if it’s a fleeting love. I’m willing to give up everything for you.

Angele was shocked by the photographs sent to her home. They were intimate shots of Zahir—her fiancé and the crown prince of Zohra—with a woman. Angele got engaged to Zahir when she was thirteen. Although it was an arrangement between their countries, she had been desperately in love with Zahir ever since. But Zahir was smiling and looking content in the photos. Angele thinks, if he doesn’t love her, she should let go of him. She decides to break off the engagement and give Zahir his freedom. But she has one last request: “I want you to be my first man.”

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not my cup of tea 2  2

The story is misleading and I felt it could have been better. Now, the hero and heroine have been engaged to each other for over ten years. Apart from when they were kids, they barely saw each other or at least took the initiative to build that relationship as they grew older. In fact, very few people know about this engagement till days before they publically announce their engagement and a few weeks before they get married. Now, the heroine has carried a torch ever since they first met. Only she finds out about the hero's long time lover and this is were it gets misleading. At first, from the words used, the reader is led to believe that the heroine bribed the lover into leaving him and she feels guilty for it. Yet, later in the book, the whole thing has changed into the heroine is being blackmailed by the OW and I believe the 2nd part. It's not because it's the heroine and she's sweet, the fact is that she got all this information in from pictures sent to her. I noticed that when the topic of the OW came up is when pictures rather than articles or newspapers showed her face. Plus, I don't know why the heroine should feel guilty in the first place if the OW was blackmailing her for money and left the hero for the money. It's not like the heroine was close to the hero or anything to tell him, "Hey, your lover is blackmailing me". This is the part that's actually interesting because the heroine leaves the hero (obvious reasons, will explain later) a note explaining everything that happened liked the OW's blackmail. Yet, when we skip to the hero's thought process, we don't see the enough regret of "Ohhhhh, my lover screwed me over". We do see the evident regret of the hero for not doing a number of things like announcing their engagement earlier or anything. Going back, we have the heroine who decides that she should break off their unofficial engagement, so he can be with his lover (which doesn't make sense because why would you want to hand a guy who you love to the woman who used their relationship as an illegal source of income). We do learn there are other things like how the hero's father is a philanderer that constantly cheated on her mother till five years ago when the engagement was completed between families. The heroine does ask her mom how she is about it and the mom's fine since she loves the man. Then we learn as the heroine leaves for the USA and has a phone call with dad. She tells him about his affair but he's the one who lets the cat out of the bag. Apparently, it was the mother who cheated on the father first, tricked him into marrying her, and then told him she wasn't having anymore kids. Apologies are made but the heroine still leaves. Before the heroine leaves, she does gently confront the hero on everything and can see he doesn't love her but will marry her for country. Then tells him that she plans to break it off, which astounds him since it can't be done. She says that she'll do it for his freedom and in return, asks for one night with the hero and the hero not thinking about it of course, goes along with it. He doesn't think that she'll make a break for it after the coitus but she does. What I couldn't believe is that she told him that she was going to be a US citizen, doesn't she think that he or his minions will just drag her back. After she leaves, the hero makes his intentions to woo back his fiancée. Three months pass and the heroine discovers she's pregnant right as the hero steps in. He showers her with flowers and words and the heroine is practically putty in his hands. She even reveals her pregnancy and goes back with him. And the ending is pretty sweet but the whole story just wasn't floating my boat.

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