Historical Romance MISS IN A MAN'S WORLD

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His sweet gaze penetrated my boyish exterior as if he were searching for the truth...

In order to uncover the truth behind the death of her uncle, Lady Georgiana dresses up as a boy and heads to London. While chasing after one of the suspects, Viscount Fincham, she finds him being assaulted by strangers. In that moment, without thinking, Georgiana steps in to his rescue. The viscount, captivated by the beautiful eyes of the young boy who came to his rescue, soon realizes that Georgiana is actually a young woman from a commoner family. Unable to contain his curiosity, he gives her a proposition. "Would you work by my side as my personal aid?"

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becky's comment - July 12th, 2019

This is a funny and lovely story in which the characters are adorable and the romance between the hero and heroine is very beautiful and pure .

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The lady gets her just desserts 4  4

This was quite enjoyable. Not only were was it a sweet, simple and pure story, but it had a nice undercurrent of humor carried by the the artist’s secondary characters comments, facial expressions and actions. I really wanted to give the heroine a few good finger flicks to the forehead for pulling her ‘disappear without explanation’ acts, but the hero deserves a couple to. The first one can be written off because everybody was keeping secrets from everybody else - she’s not a girl - he’s not saying he knows she is - the Butler hasn’t gotten nosy - nobody was talking, but afterwards.... Gee wiz, guy. You act like you are heart broken and spend a year searching for her. You even revamped your fashion sense for her, and when you see finally her you turn your back and leave without saying anything at all?? And later you create plans with permanent intentions and use temporary terms to explain them. How’s a girl to really know? But she’s not off the hook. She doesn’t just run without talking, she runs and hides. Rather than verify what all the signs seem to be saying, she runs with no intention of being found, and then has the gall to complain she didn’t get to plan her wedding? Sorry, sweetheart. You are reaping the consequence of you actions. Someone is going to nail you down before you can act on another wild idea. Lol. It was a fun story. It had a few serious elements, but the interspersed humor kept it from getting overly heavy. All in all, it was an enjoyable tale and I am glad to be keeping.

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straightforward but good 4  4

The heroine is in disguise as a boy in order to investigate the suspects to see who murdered her beloved godfather. She runs into one of them and becomes his page. Unknown to the heroine, the hero has already figured out by certain body parts and her mannerisms to certain things like seeing him naked has the hero realize the "he" is a "she". He's also the one who introduces her to the other suspects. They spend some time together where the hero grows very attached to her till she suddenly she disappears one day. She left a vague note and the hero went on an entire search all over Britain and even Europe. He has no idea that her relative got her back and gave her a good scolding on how ladies don't traipse around Britain with short hair to investigate murders. A year later, the heroine and her family can finally attend social gathering since their mourning period. At the first ball, the heroine runs into the hero who recognizes but makes no move till later. During this time, the heroine is confronted by one of the suspects who gives her summary of the hero's last year, desperately searching for her. Finally, when the hero goes to the heroine, he's filled in on the details of the investigation of his friend's murder with the sad truth that one of his companions sold out one of their own then murdered him. So, he offers his services to the heroine's family. His method to catch the killer is announcing his engagement to the heroine and display his family jewels with a lie sending them on the road. The hero is a little cold to the heroine but I don't blame him for still feeling a little sore over the heroine's disappearing act on him. We see her thoughts of how he must view her as ungrateful and such, not knowing of her feelings. She has come to the conclusion that she's fallen in love with the heroine. The hero tries to keep the heroine in the dark about his whole scheme to ambush the robbers but the heroine is sharp minded and observant when she sees the pieces of the puzzle in place. She rushes off to help the hero in men's clothes and armed with a pistol. It's a good thing she's practiced shooting but her bullet saved the hero. During the shootout, the hero pulls the heroine in for a kiss and they get the culprit. After that, the heroine thinks the engagement will dissolve and runs off to hide. Yet, the hero has no intention of dissolving the engagement and has everyone rush to prepare the wedding, while he finds the heroine. That way when he finds her, he can marry her before she runs away again. They have a bit of a shout out till the hero shouts out he loves the heroine and intended on marrying the heroine. It was quite a funny ending.

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