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I knew it could never be, and yet he has caught my heart...

Alice’s parents died and left her with nothing, so her uncle took her in, but he treats her harshly. When her uncle and her cousins leave for Christmas, a mysterious man named Captain Grayling shows up at Alice’s door in a dashing military uniform. He was on his way to spend the holidays with friends and family when he and his children were caught in a blizzard. They spend several days with Alice, but when they are making preparations to leave, Captain Grayling asks Alice to leave with them. At first, she is elated, but then she realizes all he’s looking for is a governess for his children… She realizes he could never want to marry her. Hurt and betrayed, Alice tells him she’s staying with her uncle!

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Their favorite first Christmas 4  4

The heroine has lived with her horrid relatives since her father died and she became their "burden". Currently, they're preparing for a party where a recently titled and single Earl is supposed to appear. He's got the heroine's greedy and vain cousins all giddy with diabolical plans to snatch him up. Then she catches a cold that bars her from attending the party by family because they don't want to catch the cold. So, she's left alone with the shoe shinier and the kitchen maid to have what her relatives thinks as a horrid Christmas. However, the heroine couldn't more happier since it means she gets a couple of days off from dealing their crummy attitudes. So, she gets the maid and the boy to work on making a Christmas treat when they're interrupted by the sound of knocking. The heroine opens the door to find two men with guns and two children asking for shelter from the blizzard. The heroine lets them in with promises that they won't trudge snow on the carpet. The hero introduces himself as the captain with his first man and then his children. The heroine notices there's a distance as well as a strange politeness the children hold to everyone, even their father. However, time is of the essence and everyone gets to work from drying their new guests' soaked clothes to making the meal. The heroine and hero start becoming attracted to each other's little things but their resistance holds strong since the heroine sees herself as not beautiful with no attractive features or a dowry. The hero holds back for a different reason about class. The hero learns the heroine's name is Lady Alice but he never prods to the end that she's actually a lady and not the maid. We learn the hero has been a widow as a of couple of years when his wife died in childbirth. However, he was away at war and his children ended up in the "care" of their maternal grandparents who treated them very poorly. When the hero came home and learned of it, he immediately took his children out of that home but they got caught in the blizzard as they were comes home. When he opens up to the heroine about it all and feeling that he's been a failure of a father, the heroine reassures that he's doing just fine and to keep at it. They kiss but he pulls back quickly. Over the course of the next few days is everyone working together to prepare for Christmas. They help the kids make some laughs with snowball fights and more. Now, the hero wants to keep the heroine close but know marriage is out of the option. He figures out the final decision would be to hire as a governess. He proposes the heroine a job with a salary to the heroine, thinking she'll be all too happy to accept. The heroine is insulted because she was told that offering a noble woman a wage was a big insult. She furiously rejects the hero and it breaks him but they leave it at that. Sadly, the heroine doesn't clarify she's a Lady and not a maid. The next day, the snow clears away and everyone preparing to leave. They are bittersweet goodbyes with everyone gloomy. As they travel, the hero reflects over everything and realizes there was a misunderstanding between the heroine and him. He turns around to get to the heroine where he finds her crying next to the fireplace. He confesses his reason for hiring her was because of their positions since he recently became an earl who was expected to visit the place where the heroine's relative are. She's stunned, realizing the hero is the Earl the cousins were all giddy for. Yet, it's her who gives him the biggest shock when she reveals she's a Lady and a noblewoman. It's quite comical, especially when she tells him how his first offer is considered a great insult to noblewomen. He asks for her answer to his proposal and she says yes. She gets a fearful when talk of getting a priest involves seeing her relatives, especially the jealous cousins. The hero reassures that all will be fine and the funny the irony that it's her getting the title. They go over how happy they fell for each other as just them with no other title barring them. In the end, at the wedding, the everyone is smiling. That goes for the heroine's uncle who sees the advantage of having an earl for a relative. The cousins are so happy that they were wringing their hands but they know better than to make a scene. It was quite a nice ending and I enjoyed it.

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