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Class differences, and a long-standing love. Her dream comes true in the worst possible way.

"Natalie, marry me." Being proposed to by Pierce, son of the most distinguished family in town, should have been a dream come true for Natalie. She's been deeply in love with him since she was a teenager. She had given up on him before because she's the daughter of a servant, but her feelings only intensified as she got older. One month before his proposal, Pierce came to her house after breaking off his engagement with the daughter of a wealthy family, and they slept together. She intended it to happen only once, just to comfort him. But she finds herself pregnant, and now the man she loves most has come to her with a proposal born out of obligation. Is this the end of her dream?

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what she held blinded her 4  4

The heroine holds on to a lot of things that blind her from what is right in front of her. In the beginning, she developed romantic feelings for her childhood friend, the hero. Yet, her mother warned her against such a relationship, revealing that she got into a relationship with a married noble but he abandoned her with a fist full of cash when she revealed her pregnancy to him. The heroine didn't think that would happen to her, so on her 18th birthday, she confessed her feelings and her desire to go all the way. The hero rejected her advances and the heroine believed it was because he's an heir to a noble family and she being the housekeeper's daughter. It's the whole social caste thing and despite the hero's insistence that's not what it is, she doesn't listen. They kind of keep their friendship but it has it's tense moments. I do like how they still looked out for each other with the hero driving the heroine to see her dying mother and being her support at the funeral. Later in the years, the heroine has tried distancing herself from the hero. Then one night, the hero appears at the heroine's doorstep drenched. He reveals the latest new on his life: his fiancée left him for OM because she fell in love. The heroine thinks he's heartbroken but he tells her out straight that there was no love between them. The two were only doing it for political family connections. Things start getting intimate but the two doing this short game of tug-o-war on who gives into their desires. Finally, the heroine gives in and they go at it but her past comes up. She cuts off all contact with the hero, despite his many calls. So, the hero goes straight to the heroine who pulls out all the social class mumbo jumbo. Then the heroine discovers she's pregnant with the hero finding out right after. He proposes marriage but the heroine sees him only asking out of obligation. He's able to convince her to go along with the marriage by using her childhood with no father as a reason. They get married with the hero asking the heroine not to mention the pregnancy to anyone. However, the heroine can't hold it when his mother exclaims in happy tears of how the two are in love with each other. She goes off saying they're only marrying for the baby. Right then, she bolts out of the room with the hero running after her. She does up open about some of her insecurities like their marriage but the hero hugs her and assures her that everything will be alright. Later, the mother assures the heroine that the hero is in love with her but is awkward with his way of expressing it. Afterwards, a certain incident with a con man spurs the hero into looking for the heroine's birth father in order to ease her mind. Sadly, the heroine's mind is less than eased when she finds the ex-fiancée throwing herself all over the hero with how she made a mistake, he loves her, and they'll pay the heroine off to divorce him. From then on, the heroine blocks everything out and runs away. The heroine seems to believe the hero loves the OW, all because the silly stuff like the "right" family. She seems to have forgotten their first conversation about the woman who the hero stated that he wasn't in love with and was only marrying in the first place for political. Before the heroine can process anymore, she goes into early labor. She gives birth to a baby girl, which she apologizes to the hero of the baby not being a boy because boy = heir. Yet, the hero doesn't care but she can't seem to catch that he's just happy to have a healthy baby. As the day passes, the heroine comes to this silly decision of leaving the hero in order to marry the OW who he loves but she finds herself hesitating. When the hero pulls her aside, she thinks she's going to be served the divorce papers but he hands her a photo. It turns out to be her father who was in the middle of divorcing his wife to be with the heroine's mother but died in a car accident. The wife was so hurt and angry over her husband's betrayal that she wrote a false letter to the mother of the man abandoning her. Now, the woman feels guilty sent the picture to make amends and is willing to part with the half of the fortune the husband left behind. The heroine cries thanking the hero and offers to divorce him for his sake. He's shocked and demands why with her replying that he can marry the OW since she eavesdropped on their conversation. The hero sighs and explains again that he's never loved the OW and if the heroine listened to the rest of the conversation then she would have heard and seen him kicking the OW out. He confesses that he's always been in love with the heroine but the reason he rejected her was to keep the promise the heroine's mother made him swear not to touch the heroine unless he was sure. The hero wasn't entirely sure and didn't want to do anything to hurt her. The heroine confesses she's more in love with him now then she was when she was 18. We get a happy ending and it was quite nice.

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