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I thought I would be single forever... Until he appeared in front of me...

Olivia, an interior designer, was introduced to Charles by her friend Ria. Charles is a billionaire who offers to lend money to Olivia so she can fulfill her dream: opening her own design agency. The shop is opened and is very successful. One day Charles suddenly dies. His son-in-law, Edward, is convinced that Olivia was his lover. Charles's lover was actually Ria, but the tabloids spread false information; now everyone is convinced that it was Olivia. Now Olivia has to find Ria, who has disappeared to escape the media, so that Edward knows the truth!

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Hmmm. 3  3

CJ was right on the money about this one. I mean everyone never cleared up the assumptions nor would they let go of them. For instance, the heroine allowing herself to take the fall for a friend. That fall being letting herself to be called the mistress of the hero’s recently deceased stepfather. I understand protecting a friend and being loyal but this whole silence act is destroying the heroine’s business reputation. Plus, the friend throws her under the bus with the promise of making it up to her. How are you going to make it up to her? Pay her off? The woman has basically destroyed her friend’s career in order to protect herself. Although, we have to lay blame on the heroine for not straightening it out with the hero. This actually leads me to the hero’s assumption problem. Now we get the whole reaction of blaming the heroine as the mistress but what really irked me what when he discovered the friend was the mistress but believed both friend and heroine were both mistresses. That theory is barely plausible but it’s the only one he can come up. He rather blind himself than realize he was wrong. He only sees the truth after he beds the heroine. I still couldn’t believe the heroine let him in because she never cleared it up with him if he still believed she was the step dad’s mistress. After he finds out the truth, he asks for forgiveness and tries to make up for it. They go out on dates and enjoy each other’s time. Then the hero reveals he found out where the friend is thanks to a piece of evidence he has in his possession. The only problem is it was in the heroine’s possession till the hero found her in the tropics. The heroine feels used, betrayed, and hurt by the hero’s actions. She runs off and leaves everything he’s given her. She goes back to work and the hero tries to see her but her loyal employee keeps him at bay. The hero is only able to get the heroine to come out when he objects the heroine’s part in the will. She confronts him and he reveals he was going to propose to her back in the tropics. He states he’s been in love from the start but buried his feelings when his assumptions and scandal started. He proposes and she says yes in her own way.

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Assumptions are rarely a good thing 3  3

SPOILER ALERT: It wasn’t a bad story, but I got irritated with the heroine. The heroine is meeting a friend for a birthday lunch when she bumps, quite literally, into the hero. Her fire impresses him. She just thinks he’s rude. Her friend is running late, so the heroine ends up conversing with a surprise guest – and old customer who is now her friend’s lover and who also happens to be a small business investor. As a birthday present, the two have decided to front her the money to open her own interior design business. Unfortunately, the hero is also meeting people for business in the same restaurant and approaches just as the investor is sliding the heroine a check. He makes all sorts of assumptions about their relationship and has no qualms voicing them. The investor tries to correct him, but he won’t listen and leaves. THEN her friend shows up. The heroine finds out the hero is actually the investor’s step-son. She nearly turns down the money, but finally accepts and a month later her new shop is open, already working with several high profile customers, and she is set to start repaying the loan. That’s when they learn through the newspaper that the investor died, and her friend immediately goes into hiding before the tabloids can find her. Unfortunately, a picture was taken of the two before his death, and from the angle, there is a vague resemblance to the heroine, who just so happens to be included in the investor’s will (he forgives the loan), and that’s enough to confirm everything to the hero. He comes to talk to her spouting his assumptions, and the heroine barely bothers to deny them but instead responds with non-committal statements that are easily misunderstood. I’m sorry, but if someone comes at me accusing me of being a paid mistress, I’m going to be doing everything I can to prove them wrong. My rebuttals aren’t going to be vague. He may not believe me, but I’m not going to let it go uncontested! But, more often than not, she does. From then on, things just go from bad to worse. The tabloids find more (misconstrued) ways to connect her with the investor and insinuate she’s his mistress, but because they only insinuate without actually accusing, she can’t take any legal action, and the negative publicity is killing her business. The hero discovers the truth about her friend and wants to find her, but instead of realizing he was wrong, he decides they were BOTH a mistress at some point. At this point, the hero and the heroine start getting friendlier and friendlier as he needs to get in touch with her friend (he wants to buy the stock she inherited) and even offers to support her shop financially until the scandal blows over, but he won’t let go of his original assumptions, and it’s like she’s given up on trying to explain, except that she never tried to, to begin with! Perturbed by his continued belief, she breaks off to search (based on an old postcard) the Bahamas for her friend alone. She doesn’t find her friend and misses the hero that whole time, and then he proves he’s got the money to track her down. Realizing how much they missed each other, they get intimate, and when he finds out she’s a virgin, he FINALLY he believes her. He even repents for his cruel words and she forgives him and admits she loves him. She wants to tell him what she learned searching for her friend, but he won’t hear it (he has an ace up his sleeve she doesn’t know about), and he says they should take a vacation until the scandal blows over. He tries to treat her to clothes and goods, but she resists. He didn’t say he loved her, so she’s dissecting everything he says to find a temporary interpretation for it. Nevertheless, they enjoy themselves until he gets a business call, and sets up a special night for them… it’s so romantic! A new dress, necklace, he’s in a tux, they fly in a seaplane to an island where he’s reserved the entire restaurant… she’s convinced he’s going to pop the question and wants to come clean before he does. She tells him about the postcard, and he reveals he took it from her luggage without telling her at the start of the vacation, and he’s going to meet her friend in the morning. Feeling betrayed, used, and untrusted she walks out, leaves everything he gave her in their room and leaves for home. Heart broken, and refusing all contact with the hero, she buries herself in trying to rebuild her business until she receives a notice - she is overdue on her loan payment and finds out the will that forgave her loan is being contested. She storms over to the law office and finds the hero waiting. The heroine is confrontational and defensive until the hero tells her he was going to purpose to her that night, and then not only tells her he loves her but the when’s and where’s of it. He clears the air regarding the stolen postcard and admits he only contested the will to force her hand since she wouldn’t talk to him before dropping to one knee and purposing, ring box in hand. She accepts with one last wink and a jab that reveals her dreams going in a new direction and then we get to see the couple in their wedding attire. The story was nicely illustrated, and as much as I don’t like bed before vows, it was a pivotal point in the story. All in all, it was a well-paced story that held my interest.

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