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She gets captivated by only one man at the masked ball… 

Gynecologist Maddie danced with a strange man at her hospital’s charity party. As a onetime divorcée, she’s been timid around men, but the time spent with this strange man was dreamy. She regretted that she never asked him for his number. She wanted to see him again! Her wish was soon granted. She meets him again at her work on the following day. He’s there to fill in for another gynecologist. Theo is a kind man, and the two of them naturally become closer. But she finds out that he has no desire to get married or have children. When she learns the reason behind it, she is devastated.

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3.5 working up that confidence 4  4

The hero and heroine meet at a party and there's a spark between them. Then they meet as colleagues in the similar field of babies and pregnant women with her being an obstetrician and the hero being a OB-GYN. They seem to develop the simple sweet romance till the hero states he's not looking for marriage or kids. He won't say why to the heroine. The heroine is able to slowly get him to open up with talk about her failed marriage (husband never ended it with ex-girlfriend and divorce was five years ago) but her wish to still find someone and have a child. He doesn't tell her right off the bat but slowly as they work around the awkwardness, he reveals his why. His birthmother died in childbirth and his father was so distraught that he neglected the hero and left him with his grandparents for two years. That is until he met his second wife who took the hero as her first child. He feels this immense guilt for taking her life and causing her pain, it's why he became a OB-GYN in the first place. From the sounds of it, he's never had a conversation with his dad about or his mom. Despite that medicine has come a long way and dying in childbirth is rare, he still doesn't want to risk it. The hero tries to put some distance between them but he finds himself miserable since he figured out that he's attracted to her. The next thing happens when the hero decides to be straight with the heroine and say he wants to try and have a relationship with her because she's changed his way of thinking. This leads to coitus and the heroine getting pregnant. It's the new obstacle for the two with not only dealing with the news of becoming parents but helping the hero get through his worst fears. There are a few bumps with what the hero saying, "We have to get married," but he quickly fixes it that he already wanted to marry her beforehand and shows the ring he bought. We see the next few months pass by quickly what with the heroine meeting the hero's family, taking all kinds of tests for any potential problems. At the end, the heroine gives birth to a healthy baby girl and she's fine. I liked the ending page with the hero holding his new daughter with a big smile on his face.

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