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The young woman accepted her fate from her illness, and concealed her loving heart...

Vasso, a Greek tycoon and founder of a charity fund, paid for Zoe's treatment. Zoe was a young woman who suffered a serious illness, so Vasso was her lifesaver. Zoe had lost her parents in a fire and had nowhere to go after being released from the hospital, and Vasso asked if she wanted to work in Greece. He was both a talented businessman and a caring and handsome man, and Zoe couldn’t help but notice the excitement in her heart. But she didn’t know when her illness would return, and thought that she had no right to love Vasso, who had lost his father from the same disease. She makes up her mind to leave...

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nice romance 4  4

The heroine meets one of the founders of the charity organization that helped her when she was diagnosed with a Lymphoma illness. Right now, she is in remission but doesn't want to get her hopes up with her past tragedies and let downs. She decides to spend what time she has left with the helping the organization and charity in whatever way she can. At first she's denied by one of the hero's snobby employees but the hero can see the heroine's positive spirit and finds her a spot where she can be the most helpful. He becomes quite smitten with the heroine's bright personality and can do attitude with all that she's suffered. It's something he hasn't felt since the last woman who he was engaged to married a rich man because he was poor at the time. Now, he's rich and she's calling him at every turn. Now, the hero is side stepping and all in order to give gifts to the heroine from fancy dresses to practical items like phone and laptop. The two open up about their past with the hero's family to the heroine's boyfriend leaving her when her cancer surfaced. He even opens up about his ex-fiancée. As time goes on, the hero gets really into her job and makes great changes. The two are falling in love with each other but the heroine is resisting since she doesn't know if her cancer will come back (the man even says, "I love you"). Therefore, she doesn't want him to spend his time by her hospital bed. Her rejection does hurt the hero. Then the hero is ambushed by the ex-fiancée but he tells her that he doesn't love her, has fallen for another woman, and she needs to go back to her kids. The hero tries again with confessing his feelings and proposes to her but the heroine rejects them again on the basis of her cancer. The hero leaves heartbroken but the heroine also gets her heart broken when a paparazzi rag shows a picture from the hero's interaction with the ex. It takes another visit from the doctor to tell the heroine that she's recovered and she needs to go after the hero. She hops the next plane with the intent of apologizing him and confessing her love for him. During this time, the hero decides to fight for the heroine one more time and prepares to go after her. Only he finds the heroine walking up to his house. They pull each other in for a hug and tell each other how much they love each other. We end the story happily with them marrying at a chapel.

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