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A dangerous adventure with a globe-trotting playboy?

Dylan Russell is an exceptionally good-looking playboy who has traveled around the world. Jessica’s crush on him was the biggest mistake of her childhood! Jessica visits the cabin she owns with her brother and coincidentally reunites with the man she never wanted to see again. Dylan says that he had wanted to spend some time alone there and had asked her older brother, Justin, to lend him the keys to the cabin. Jessica tries to kick him out, thinking that he’s just running from an angry girlfriend, but they get stuck in the cabin together due to a storm. Unfortunately, Dylan is just as handsome as he was in the past. Jessica feels her heart waver, but she won’t let herself fall for him again!

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it was nice. 3  3

The hero and heroine know each other through the heroine's older brother being the hero's best friend. They have been close for a long time till the hero embarrassed the heroine by telling her to dress up for a lunch with them then showing up only to be ignored by the hero in front of all the ladies. So yeah, the heroine isn't big on the hero and hasn't been for years. Then they manage to end up on cabin that co-owned by the hero and the brother. The heroine is on vacation and the hero is getting away from the pain. The heroine insists on kicking him out and he complies till she hears on the radio of how terrible the weather is and tells him to stay for his safety. A positive was the seeing the side of the hero and we learn the whole lunch thing was a trick he played because he knew the heroine's infatuation with him and he wasn't ready for it with the plus with her brother not liking a friend dating his younger sister. The heroine and hero are able to have conversations, the heroine lets her guard down around the hero and the hero is entranced with not only her body but the fact that she's an independent who fixes gas valves and more. Slowly, the two are able to open up about their pasts of what led them to the cabin like the heroine's career. Then the hero opens up about his recent pain from his first clients being an elderly couple who treated an orphan like him as part of their family. Later he lost their money and despite his promises plus funds to reimburse them for their loss, they happily rejected him then attempted a double suicide together. They were saved but both are in a coma. The whole thing has really shaken the hero pretty bad. The heroine helps the hero see that it isn't his fault of what happened and they finally have coitus. Unfortunately, the next morning goes bad with the hero proposing all these couple trips that he'll cover for the heroine and him. He doesn't listen and keeps going on how her being happy with him taking care of everything. The heroine takes it the wrong way (so, would I.), seeing him doing the same thing as her ex-husband. She rejects everything and leaves the hero heartbroken. Afterwards, the hero meets with the brother who he confesses about his time with the heroine. First, the guy decks the hero then gives him sound advice on not giving up on the heroine. He reveals to the hero about the heroine's independence stems from their neglect alway ridiculing them to be grateful he was providing for them. Then the heroine's divorce from a husband who attempted to force her into being a housewife when she loved her career. Right before he knocks on the heroine's door, she deals with the possibility of being pregnant. They talk things out and she says yes to everything then we end with the elderly couple waking up.

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