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My fiancée for one day transformed into a completely different person!

While on his way home, Duke Zachary meets a mysterious lady who barges into his carriage. The lady, who wears a black veil that hides her face, tells Duke that she came to tell him a big secret. She proves it by telling him a secret about himself that the public does not know. When he takes her home and pulls off the veil, Duke is shocked to see Georgianna, his fiancée from half a year ago, who eloped with a French man. He wonders what this girl wants with him now...

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Well done 5  5

The story line was pretty good with the character development. The hero and heroine became engaged through the hero and heroine's father with her barely having any say in the matter. This freaked her out because she had already fallen in love with another man. So, she eloped with him to France, only to find out he was in cahoots with Napoleon. He had her almost raped then shot to kill her. Fortunately, his shots to head and shoulder were close enough for him to believe she was dead. However, she was rescued by locals and healed enough to awaken with one goal in mind. Get revenge on her ex-lover by learning all she could; it was actually very impressive if not by some luck. The sheltered heroine managed for few months disguise her noble and English background, work long hours of manual labor from milking to digging, as well as eavesdropping on information to formulate a real plan all in another language. She heads back to England to relay the information and the one person who has enough power to use the information for England is her fiancee. It's quite the dare but she does it. However, the hero doesn't believe her and holds her captive. I can't exactly blame him for his suspicions of her turning coat on her country; not to mention breaking his heart and leaving him to deal with English high society's cruel rumors. Although, her new attitude and callused hands do helping in prove some of her tale. There's a lot of tension between the two for the first part it was nice the hero apologized to the heroine for the quick engagement with asking her how she felt first. However, he gets a real hard slap from her when he accuses her spying for her lover. Then her information turns out to be correct and a confrontation between the two as well as seeing the heroine's chest marred by a bullet scar has her reveal how her lover attempted to rape and kill her. This changes the hero's tune towards the heroine and he takes her back home where her brother welcomes her in open arms. He reveals the hero and their father kept the secret of her elopement, which meant the hero got the brunt of society's social cruelty. The hero leaves the heroine and she can't stop thinking about him nor can she find him. The hero has been on a path to get justice for the ex-lover. He finds the man and they fight. During the scuffle, the ex-lover tries to shake the hero with revealing about killing the heroine but the hero gets the man and reveals to the dying man that the heroine survived and it was her that the hero to him. The hero heads back to England to meet with the heroine. They talk over things and the hero confesses his love for the heroine. He asks the heroine to marry him and she says yes.

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