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Right now, my job is to research the most popular guy in town…

Logan was named the "most eligible bachelor." He hosts an impressively popular radio show. Mallory is a newspaper reporter researching him. Can a perfect man like him really exist in the world? If she can make his secret to being so perfect into an article, surely it would be big enough to undo her past mistake. Mallory sniffs out his location and heads for an interview. But after his clever wordplay and flirting, the two end up enjoying sailing on a lake. For a blissful moment, Mallory forgets about her work...

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3.5 journalism......cutthroat business. 4  4

The heroine is a journalist who was demoted from governmental issues to the column section because of a mishap of information. The boss declares it was because of the heroine's lacking but she knows that it was because her fellow co-worker set her up to fall and make her look good. Now, the heroine is looking for a pieces of news that will put her back in the saddle. She sets her sights on the hero who's not only a well known celebrity but a mystery too since he started a conversation with her. Both are playing the game with the heroine fishing for juicy piece and the hero holding back any information. It's what actually makes their conversation as well as the other person more interesting. I actually found their conversation fascinating as well with a journalist and a psychologist. The heroine digs deeper and learns of the hero's canceled engagement with one woman who married another man months later. She stops before going any further but her searches are noticed by the mean colleague who does her own sleuthing. During this nasty woman's research, the hero and heroine go out more and more, eventually developing an intimate bond. This contradicts the heroine's initial plan of getting information out of the hero about his ex or why the wedding was cancelled. I do like that we get to see the hero's thoughts and it shows that his fiancee never gave him a genuine warm smile and she just up and out of the blue cancelled their wedding with the reason that she wants to think about her life more. One thing leads to another and they end up in bed. Afterwards, she has information on the fiancee who had a baby after her wedding that was born long before the expected due date but she divorced, and manages a company that's on the verge on bankruptcy. However, the heroine doesn't want to search anymore. Two months pass and she discovers she's pregnant and is trying to figure out how to break it to the hero. Unfortunately, her boss calls her in with news that the mean colleague is writing a piece on the hero in a bad light (claims the hero is the father of the ex-fiancee's baby) and will give the heroine credit if she does an interview with him. The heroine refuses based on logic reason that they have no assurance if he did know that he has a child. They debate and even dangle the carrot of the heroine getting her job back but she refuses. She tries to talk to the hero but he shuts her out and accuses of using him. It goes really bad and both hearts are broken. The news is sent out and the hero gets a lot of heat. He goes to meet with the Ex and his son, the three have a good conversation and the hero starting out slow with getting to know his son and supporting the EX. He runs back to the heroine after learning the EX was pushing for an interview by the fellow colleague and seeing the article that listed only the colleague's name. He tells her things are working out for him and his son then asks the heroine to marry him because he loves her. She says yes and then reveals her pregnancy. He hugs her tight with joy.

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