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I'm just a homely girl from a small village. Am I worthy of a romance with the doctor?

Mary Jane, owner of a tiny tearoom in a small village, escorts a regular customer to the hospital and is delighted to once again encounter Sir Thomas, a handsome doctor. The first time they met was a week ago when he visited her tearoom with a beautiful companion. A gorgeous woman suited him better than she would, Mary Jane thought. Her older sister, well-known model Felicity, came to mind. Mary Jane was too modest. She wasn’t yet aware that she would soon come to terms with her feelings for Sir Thomas and experience unbearable jealousy when the doctor and Felicity become more intimate.

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3.5 It's a bit on the fence 4  4

In many of Betty Neels stories, we have heroines who roll with the punches on a number of things. However, this was one of the more unusual ones because this heroine has a nip. I mean, you should have seen how she handled the rude customer about their being no toilets when there was a sign clearly marked for toilets. This is actually when she meets the hero and despite being a gentleman like getting up and graciously taking the pot of tea from her, thinks he's the kind of man for her selfish, materialistic, and rude sister. The heroine learns more about the hero when she starts driving fellow customers to doctor's appointments and he sees the beauty in her inside and out. I liked the cute add in of a doctor's chicken scratch for handwriting. The heroine can also see the hero is a doctor who cares about his patient's wellbeing but physically and mentally. Then she drives her lazy cousin-in-law to the hero when she whined why the heroine wasn't going to do the housework and the heroine said, "Do it yourself!". It felt good but those nips don't last long sadly. Now, the hero starts coming out to see the heroine and the heroine can't figure out why. Right then, trouble in form of the sister comes in to strut around. She saw the hero's car and decided to pounce. Now, the heroine for much of the book think the hero will only use her to get to the sister. The heroine doesn't see the connection, using the sister's words of going to the hero's places to just "bump" into him and the fact he keeps coming to her tea shop, even he's exhausted. Except the silly man mentions the sister and talks about meeting her in London. That only strengthens her resolve. He still comes to visit and even acts as her nurse when she gets sick. Stupidly, the man tells the sister who invites herself over and acts snobbish everywhere. Afterwards, the hero still comes to see the heroine but she keeps him at a distance by lying about spending the holidays with the sister. Especially, when it's obvious the sister has never invited her. However, the hero figures out the lie and is hurt by the heroine. He does confront her about it and it ends poorly when she admits to thinking he's going to be her brother-in-law. Since it implies she doesn't see him in a romantic way, walks away hurt. Then we get the whole cryptic male sayings that Betty Neels puts in her book and it drives me a little nuts. This happens despite the hero still driving the heroine home and kissing her on New Year's Eve. Then comes in a nasty situation with some hoodlums but the hero saves the day. He even surprises the heroine by getting the townsfolk she's helped in the past of refurbishing her tea room. The hero tells the heroine that he has to go away for a while but will come back to tell the heroine something important. Sadly, one phone call from the sister about getting married, makes the heroine deduce it's the hero. The hero comes back and the heroine is spitting nails at him till one of her customers comes in with news about her sister marrying OM. Now, the heroine is embarrassed about it. They finally have that talk out where the hero confesses that he's in deeply in love with the heroine. The ending is real simple if not sweet with them talking to each other about their future over tea. I think the story and characters were good, it just annoyed me a bit that the heroine jumps to the conclusions and the hero is being cryptic about it all.

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