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She saw him alone and believed only in his words.

Brooke was surprised at the letter from her sister. She won’t return to England or go to college. She’s completely head over heels for her homestay host, Jourdain Marchais. Brooke goes to Normandy to persuade her sister to come back and meets the man she has a one-sided love for. He’s a prominent businessman living in an old castle, with striking black hair and gray eyes. He’s also puzzled by her sister’s feelings for him. He told Brooke, "If we pretend to be together, she’ll give up and go home!"

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The heroine freaks out over a phone call from her younger sister; she’s dropping out of school to be with the man she loves. Anyone would be freaked out if a beloved family member decided drop out of school that was already paid for. The heroine is anyone and she rushes to her sister’s location in hopes of knocking some sense into the girl. We’re provided a short version of the heroine’s life from losing her mom at 13 then having to not only take care of the house but her grieving dad and younger siblings. She ended up dropping out of high school (how tragic her dad never stopped her) and giving up all dreams to support her family for a decade. The heroine finds her sister and the little sister is a real brat. A spoiled little prat who demands to be treated like an adult but her whining shows she still behaves like a child. The sister also refuses to leave her one-sided love for the hero. Unless the heroine isn’t against rope and gag, there’s nothing she can do. Plus, the sister threatens her if she does anything to break them up then she won’t ever go back home. The heroine tries put her in a better light but that girl needs an attitude adjustment. Although, the heroine is bit insensitive to the sister like complimenting her on eating all her carrots in front of the hero as if she were a child. She tells the hero about the sister and he suggests he pursue her in a relationship to scare the sister off. At first the heroine is against it because it will hurt the sister but then she agrees to it since it’s the only way. Although, catching the hero and heroine in their hot session for the sister was a bit much. The whole thing causes a rift between siblings. As the hero and heroine communicate more, he brings up things for the heroine to reflect like who’s supported her or living a life. Then the hero takes the her out to a restaurant that he’s never taken anyone. Sadly, dinner goes cold what with the heroine suspecting the owner is the woman the hero never got over and the fact he keeps telling her to live for herself. She starts packing and strangely enough, it gets the sister to come back with her. They leave to find a house that’s not only clean but both father and brother have cooked. In the last two weeks, the brother knocked some sense in his father how the heroine isn’t his wife or maid. He apologizes for the heavy burden he’s placed on her and is going to fulfill his duty as a father. Well, the man can start by doing all the household chores, while the heroine gets her GED then pay for her college tuition. The heroine actually moves forward with her life from getting her GED and going to secretary school. However, she’s still heartbroken by the loss of the hero. Then she gets a surprise by the appearance of the hero who congratulations on her admission to school and things lead to a love confession from the hero. They marry and she becomes his personal secretary.

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