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His kindness is just pretend. I can’t get away from this fate… 

After Rosy’s great-aunt’s death, she stays with her distant relative. But she has to go to Oxford because of a misunderstanding that she’s in love with her second cousin. There, she meets a professor in a wheelchair who hires her as his assistant after knowing that she’s unemployed. His kind stare and calm voice relaxes her, and she tells him her innermost secrets. That’s when he presents her the most surprising idea: “I’ll pretend to be your boyfriend so that they know it’s a misunderstanding that you’re in love with your second cousin. Why don’t we live together to make us look more credible?”

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slowly paced but not bad 3  3

The heroine is being pressured by her cousin's brother-in-law to find a boyfriend because for some odd reason that is never really explained at all throughout the book. The man thinks the heroine is in love with her cousin who's married to his sister. He can't possibly think that she's close to him because they've the first family she's found after her grandmother's death as well as the people who are slowly helping her get with the times since her grandmother raised her the old fashioned (girls stay home till they get married). She goes to a college gathering where the in-law is hoping someone there will catch her eye but she is too suffocated by the crowd. She goes outside where she meets a sickly looking man in a wheelchair. He calm personality and kind ear eases the heroine into revealing her dilemma. Then he reveals a solution by offering her a job as his secretary. He needs one badly since he's still recovering from a jungle sickness that few are known to have survived. The heroine takes the job and it goes seemingly well. Later, she opens up on her live story and reveals a bad encounter with an ex-acquaintance who threw a temper tantrum over discovering her flower was still intact. Although, she does hurt the hero's feelings unintentionally when she talks about not opening up like this to "normal " people but the hero sees she's still hurt by past events. Then we have another problem what with family coming to visit. The hero proposes the second solution of him acting as her boyfriend as well as having her move in with him. The heroine agrees with hesitation then finds herself becoming more and more attracted to the hero. This is shown when she gets depressed over hearing another woman's voice during her phone conversation with the hero. Then the reader sees that the hero is attracted to the heroine as well but holds back since the heroine is resistant over relationships. Then they come up with the lie of being engaged when the in-law stops by. We finally hit the high level of intimacy when the heroine initiates the coitus after seeing the hero's scar. However, the whole night has left the heroine feeling very confused in the morning. She avoids the hero who takes it the wrong way and it puts their relationship on the rocks. It takes a dinner evening where the two of them run into one of the hero's friends who's voice the heroine recognizes. She takes it as a sing that the woman is with the hero flu one. So, she disappears for a week. The hero finds her thanks to the in-law. He tells her that the friend is only a friend and it's the heroine who he loves. The heroine accepts his love and proposal and we get a happy ending.

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