Pure Romance ROCK-A-BYE BABY

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Maybe Dani’s summer dream can last a lifetime…

Deeply hurt by her fiancé’s betrayal, Dani breaks off her engagement and decides to start life over in a new town with a new job. She leaves Seattle for a small coastal town, where she’s lucky to find work as an antiques shop assistant. But her boss, John, writes her off as a fickle vacationer who will leave as soon as the summer is over, and he treats her coldly. Both Dani and John are haunted by old wounds. But as they work together, they gradually get to know each other…

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nicely done 4  4

The heroine has run from the city when she discovered her fiancée's cheating in the bedroom. He tries to explain and get her to come back but she says no all the way. She finds a small town to start a new and is hired by an antiques owner. Unfortunately, this antiques owner has her son who's the actual owner. He thinks the heroine will leave because the town is too boring for a city person like her. He at first fires her till she's able to get one of the toughest regulars to buy something he's offered but she rejected ten times. It gives her enough foundation for her to have a trial period. The hero sees the hard work the heroine puts in and even admits that she's doing a great job. Yet, he still thinks she's only there for the summer and tells her himself. She refutes his claims by stating she's staying there. So, she puts up a wager to show him she's serious about staying. Time passes on and the hero learns about the heroine's reason for leaving and he starts being a little more sympathetic because he can relate. He opens about his painful breakaway with his lover who cheated on him and was the one who didn't want to live in the boring countryside. I did like that he apologized for being hard on her because of his bad experience with his ex. By then, the heroine and hero have grown attracted to each other. The hero even asks the heroine out on a date. They try to take things slow but it's only sped up by the unexpected drop in by the heroine's ex who still thinks the heroine will come back to him. The hero overhears the OM talk rudely about him with the heroine not only defending but staying she loves him. When the OM starts crossing over the boundary, the hero steps in. His presence and words tell the OM he's lost the heroine forever and leaves. Then the hero asks the heroine to marry him because he loves her. She replies yes and we get our happy ending. I actually liked it because it felt a little more down to earth and relatable for me.

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