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This struggling innkeeper and weary ship captain are both in need of a caring heart.

On the outskirts of a small harbor town in England, Eleanor has learned to do without. While she has a place to live at her grandmother’s inn, not a single guest has spent the night in the last six months. Then, just after she makes the difficult choice to cut and sell her long, beautiful hair for money, Oliver Worthy, the captain of a ship that anchored in town, comes to stay. Having exhausted the last of his strength to get there, Oliver’s health fails when he arrives and Eleanor tends to him. He is a stern man, but after learning of her circumstances, he offers to help. And as Eleanor spends more and more time with the captain, a tender feeling starts to take hold…

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Captain and innkeeper 5  5

So, the hero goes to an inn recommended by a his self-proclaimed superior who was given rather than earned his title and job. Apparently, the man's illegitimate daughter is there. Despite, the fact that the man gave her an education and all, she ran back. He acts like the duped and hurt father but the hero is a worldly man and not stupid. He can smell something fishy, especially with how the man chooses and uses his words. He still goes there since he's sick and he doesn't want to get his other crew members to catch it. He's welcomed by open arms at the old inn and meets the heroine with her shorn short hair. Plus, it's just in time because he's got the sailor's sickness that leaves him in a bedridden state. Good thing too because he always needs to be somewhere and it gives him a chance to get to know the heroine. I did like that I didn't get the feel for the whole "Florence Nightingale" between the two. The hero finds himself attracted to the heroine's many qualities but he tries to keep himself away because he's old, his job as a sailor makes the life of a sailor's wife a hard one, and she may end up being a widow too early in life. As they two spend time, they get to know each other more. The heroine evens reveals what kind of a scoundrel (the word I used to censor what I wanted to post) her father truly is. The man only gave that girl an education in order to drive up her price value for his gambling buddies whenever he ran into debt. So, when he was in debt far more than he could paid; he told the heroine she was going to be the mistress to some creep. The man even had the gaul to tell her to be grateful because not only would this be an opportunity for her since nobody wants to marry a bastard but that the man is a pedophile and told the father to give the heroine to him when she was just five but the father didn't. I wanted to screech and pummel the cretin. The feeling is mutual with the hero who understands that his gut was right on point. He leaves, which the heroine believes him is avoiding her but he brings all these customers in for their business as well as setting her up with a bank account. The hero finally realizes he wants to protect the heroine he's fallen for her and decides the best way is to marry her. That way, she won't be destitute if anything should happen to him. He proposes to the heroine and she being in love with the hero accepts. They have a short wedding and the hero leaves for the seas. She begins life as a sailor's wife with a couple of surprises along the way like a huge pearl. Then she receives word he's been captured by the French. The negotiations and funding the ransom money are dragging because her father is being usual pain self. So, the heroine strongarms him into taking the money from her personal account and takes him with her to the set location to give the ransom. Once there, the father is "feeling sick" and has the heroine go in her place to give the money. They're able to free the hero but they find out the double crossing the father made was the person who gave the French the money has to stay in place of the hero. The heroine tries to offer herself up but her old companion nixes the idea by revealing her pregnancy. They devise a plan to sneak the heroine off the island by having the old man switch clothes with her. Once their ruse is up, they are back on the boat and this time it's the hero who forces the father to offer himself up. He even finds out that the father has another illegitimate child (probably being groomed to pay his debts). So, he sends the man there and we get the old man back. I kid you not, I wanted more scenes of a peg-legged man in a lady's dress and bonnet dancing a victory jig. They go back to England and have the heroine's sister move in immediately who takes well to her new life. Later on, the heroine gives birth to a baby girl who's just adorable. I really loved the ending of how it played out and it was worth renting.

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