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I want to indulge in a sweet dream with him, even if only for a moment.

At her father’s request, Rose agreed to a loveless marriage with Leon, a millionaire with sexy black eyes. She’s been secretly in love with him since she was a little girl, yet though it’s been two years since their wedding, he hasn’t touched her at all. Instead he goes out often, leaving Rose all alone. Feeling lonely and miserable, she decides to divorce him. That’s when he gets in a car accident and loses his memory. Now he acts like a totally different person and seems to desire her company…

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Happy ending would have been a divorce! 1  1

This story was infuriating! This man marries her because her had asks him to on his deathbed, and by marrying her the hero(and I'm using the term hero lightly because he certainly doesn't act like one) get's access to the dad's company and money. The hero does nothing but cheat on her for like 2 years and doesn't even sleep with her. He loses his memory he feels awful finding out how he treated her and then we find out he got one of his mistresses pregnant and she now wants him to have custody of the baby, Isabella. Eventually he gets his memory back we find out he had some tragic backstory . And like an idiot the heroine goes back to the guy. Why? He has done nothing to but cheat on you with multiple women, and even knocked one up! He even tried to cheat with a woman who was engaged to one of his colleagues, and paid off his baby mama and keep it a secret from his wife! I could see her forgiving him maybe if it was a one time thing but not to this degree, he has done nothing to prove he would be a good husband. If he knew he was "incapable of loving someone" like he said he should have turned down her dad's proposal and let her be free to marry someone who could love her! not trap her in a loveless marriage watching her husband bang other women.Happy ending would have been her leaving him and marrying a man who appreciates her, and him spending the rest of his life realizing he blew the best thing that ever happened to him because of his own lust and stupidity. I'd give this negative stars if I could. Take my advice and save yourself some money don't buy this one! Wish I could get my money back and I only paid $2.99!

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Not worth reading 1  1

I feel like I just wasted my time and money reading this story. The guy was a jerk and a cheater. I don't know why the girl would forgive him and still marry him, it's just stupid. I don't care how much she loves him, he is not worth her time and love. If he really loves her and fell for her a long time ago, he shouldn't have pushed her away and cheated on her and had a kid with another woman.

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