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We are reunited again and again...yet the day never seems to come when our secret love can thrive.

The year is 1830 and Caroline, the daughter of a British aristocrat, can no longer bear the violence of the man her father decided she would marry. She impulsively gets her hands on a powerful drug, and as her consciousness fades away, she realizes she is being held by gentle arms. Could it be her secret love, Sebastian Conway? She and the aloof Sebastian keep meeting and parting... It’s a love that makes Caroline want to cry. Must they be forever kept apart by circumstance?

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very accurate and good 4  4

The storyline is fairly interesting because it brings up the historical facts based on English society norms back in the 1800's. What made it more interesting was the fact that the plot would go back and forth between the present of the heroine leaving her abusive husband (man spread rumors he kicked her out to save face) with the hero saving her from a near drug overdose and the past of the hero meeting over the years. Now, we find out the two were raised by parents who cared little for their existence and raised to be pawns in their own goal for power and influence. The hero was rejected by his hermit of a father because his face was similar to the wife who left him. The heroine's father sees only men as perfect item whereas women are baggage. The hero and heroine were in love but their parents pulled them apart because the hero's reputation as a debaucher would put a stain on the heroine's father's family image. So, he gets her married to a man of his choosing. The very man who bruises the heroine's arms to black and blue. We see how society treats these women as lepers for leaving their husbands when it's one of the most courageous things these women have done. I mean they have to fill out this whole stupid condition of leaving by: 1)never setting a foot in their homeland, 2) a vow of chastity, 3) never contact their children, etc. It's downright sad and this story brings up so much. The hero finds out the truth behind his mother's disappearance was exactly like the heroine's. I love the hero because he stood by the heroine's side as she faced society, her father, and her husband on why she left and that she has nothing to be ashamed of. Towards the end, the hero throws everything to be with the heroine if she pursues the separation from the husband. It was awfully romantic and it shows, despite not being the fairy tale type of ending, it's a happy one. It does get better because the heroine's father and the hero's mother are working on getting the husband to have the marriage invalidated. The man will go for it because the he wants an heir. This would give the heroine and hero a chance to come back and marry. Not a bad ending and I rather liked what the story showed that the society they lived in during that time wasn't an easy one.

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