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She was a neglected wife, pregnant with an unwanted child…

Clara was at the pinnacle of happiness when millionaire Jacob proposed to her. Finally someone wanted to share his life with her... However, on top of being a workaholic, Jacob didn’t want children. When Clara realized one day that she was pregnant, she grabbed her things and left without telling him. Five years later, Jacob suddenly appears in front of Clara, who now runs her own event-planning company. Apparently he just wants her to throw a party for his father, who doesn’t have long to live. After that, he says, they can divorce.

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I dont really like the heroine 2  2

Yes this is good cos the hero so kind. But yes the problem is so Harlequin. the heroine left without explanation and didnt have courage to ask why the hero didnt want a child. Eventhough The hero should open up as well. Still a wife shouldnt just left like that without demanding a confirmation. Because the hero still being kind to her. The family even worst why they didnt explain in the beginning that they've never intended to hurt the hero. But since there was no one open up in the beginning so that was happened

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he was in a nutshell, she had no cracker then 4  4

The title is a bit confusing but it makes sense. The hero and heroine met at a café with the whole heroine being waitress and the hero being customer. The whole thing sparks, romance then marriage but no future with a baby carriage. The hero says no to kids and goes on how having the heroine is just fine. The heroine doesn't push it even after the whole pregnancy scare with the hero being the most scared. The heroine is confused since she's met her in-laws who are kind and familial but the hero is so standoffish with them. Yet, she doesn't push for a sit down or anything. In fact, the moment she finds out that she's pregnant and she runs away. She leaves a note but it barely explains anything; plus, a heartbroken hero is left behind. Five years pass and the two are reunited when the hero tracks the heroine down. He wants her to plan a Christmas party for his family since his dad is sick. It might be the last one and the heroine gives in but she panics on how she's going to keep their daughter a secret. When they finally spend more time together, the heroine finally notices the hero's aversion to his emotional attachments like family and Christmas. She actually starts wondering what happened to make him not like it. The hero asks for a second chance but the heroine can't say yes since that means she'll have to reveal their child's existence. The heroine reveals that she too cut ties with her family because of how they ousted her. She opens herself up in hopes the hero does same but he's a nut that's hard to crack. So, she pulls out the big "hammer" by revealing their daughter's existence. He's real shaken but he doesn't yell or accuse the heroine of anything. The hero finally reveals that his aversion started on a Christmas when he was 16. His parents had gone out and he decided to play with his chemical kit. His sister was behind him when the accident happened and got seriously injured, leaving behind scars. Nobody blames the hero but the hero has not only blamed himself but punished himself for the past 15 years since it happened. He feels that he doesn't have the right to be loved. We have a happy night and morning goes well with everyone meeting everyone but nobody revealing the family relations. It goes wonderfully till the hero makes the daughter upset and he panics. He doubts he can be a proper father and shuts out the heroine and daughter. He meets with his family one more time to tell them he's going to officially divorce the heroine. The family come together to apologize to the hero for never telling him enough that what happened wasn't his fault, that he's truly loved, checking on him, and humans make mistakes no matter what. They encourage the hero not to give up and get his family back. The hero goes to the heroine and opens his heart up on everything. He asks for a second chance with the heroine and the heroine says yes. It was a really sweet ending.

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