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I was supposed to be his fake fiancée, but my love for him is all too real.

Natalie went to London to save her father, whose company was about to be taken over for an outrageously low price. But she was shocked when she met her father’s wealthy client, who welcomed her into a fancy office. How could Ludo possibly be her father’s client? He’s the sweet guy who saved Natalie by buying her train ticket yesterday. What was she to believe about him now? Then Ludo pitched an even more shocking business deal. He offered to double the price he’d pay for her father’s company if she pretended to be his fiancée for two weeks while he went to see his family.

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A pleasant read 3  3

It was an okay read. This is one of those tales that skips over the vindictive, negative elements and focuses on the growth of the main characters, or more specifically the hero. He really is a tragic figure, suffering as he has for the last three years over having taken on himself the full blame for the death of his brother... this despite acknowledging that IF his brother hadn’t accepted his offer; IF there hadn’t been a storm; IF his brother hadn’t decided to sail alone... all things that were out of his control or not his decision. I guess this didn’t make complete sense to me, that he could articulate these things and still blame himself, but I have never had to deal with grief of this nature, so maybe it’s not as illogical as i think. Needless to say, the heroine is a good influence, and her cherishing family despite past pain is what he needs to draw him back to his own. And I have to say, once the hero decides it’s not pretend anymore, he pulls of the most oblique proposals I think I’ve seen yet. All in all, it was a pleasant read and the drawing was enjoyable, although I don’t feel the bed before vows was needed for the story.

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3.5 The unexpected twist 4  4

The hero and heroine met on a train headed for London where the hero paid for the heroine's ticket since she lost hers. They talk a bit about themselves and it goes as far as setting up a time for each other to meet for dinner. Unfortunately, the twists comes in when the heroine is finds out it's the hero who's buying her father's company but the father explains that it's a blessing since nobody will buy his hotels since he never kept them updated. After the signing, the hero and heroine share another conversation where the hero wants dinner but the heroine is resists because of recent events. So, in desperation to keep the heroine close, the hero proposes a deal. She gives him two weeks of pretending to be his fiancée in his hometown and she'll receive half the amount her father was given for him. The heroine agrees to the whole thing and they leave. When they arrive, the heroine notices there's a bittersweet tone in the hero's stance and words to his hometown. Once, she mentions the brother's name, the hero opens up about everything. He reveals about how his brother was a world renowned pediatrician who the hero had a complex that everyone thought better of the brother than the hero who made millions but he never stopped loving the brother. One day, the brother needed a break and the hero offered his island for privacy sake. The brother took it but there was a storm and the brother died drowning. The hero blamed himself and believed everyone else held him responsible for his brother's death. So, he distanced himself away from his parents and has regretted it since. The heroine comforts him over the matter that it's no one's fault and the fact that his parents have wanted to hold him for the three years since he's been gone. They finally go meet the hero's parents with his mother hugging her tight and his father looking sternly. Dinner goes badly with the father telling the hero how hurt they were with him leaving after his brother's death. The pain in the hero's heart comes bursting out with how hurt he felt with being compared to his brother. The night ends with a lot of raw emotions, especially the passionate kind. The next morning, the father comes to see the hero and they have a talk out where the father has always loved the hero as well as wanting him to live a good life. It's a really good reconciliation scene. Once the hero comes back, he finds the heroine packing to leave since her job is done but he doesn't want her to go. The hero pulls her to a beautiful spot to see all of the island where he opens his heart and tells the heroine that he's fallen in love with her. They quickly make plans for the wedding and it ends quite nicely.

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