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He’s so stubborn and close-minded. How can she convince him to open his heart?

Anastasia is a librarian who is helping to fulfill her friend’s dream of opening an ice cream parlor. But then David suddenly appears and immediately accuses Anastasia of tricking his grandmother out of her money! While David helps prepare for the store opening and keeps an eye on her, Anastasia tries to find common ground with him, only to be given the cold shoulder. Little does she realize that David is secretly bewitched by her black hair and black eyes… So what will happen to their shaky relationship after they accidentally fall into a passionate kiss?

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Sugar and Spice 5  5

I quite found the whole story was fun, invigorating, romantic, and sweet. It starts off with the hero's as a grandma's boy and a suspicious person to anyone who approaches his grandma. One of these individuals would be the heroine; the local librarian. He believes the woman that doesn't fit the appearance of a dour mouse with her big hair and personality has ulterior motives to take advantage of his grandma. He even goes the lengths to keep the heroine out ice cream parlor project. However, the heroine is no quitter and does what she can in getting the hero to like her by ambushing him on his runs, serving sweet pie, to popping up in places. Despite his hard exterior, the heroine doesn't see till later that her efforts are weakening the man's defenses. The heroine also learns from the grandmother of how the hero lost his parents were in the middle of setting up a business when an accident killed them. He was raised with love by his grandparents but he saw how hard it was for them when they were paying off their son's financial bills. So, he became that firefighter to save others and unofficial accountant to make sure his grandparents were well taken care of. It finally takes a paint war for the two to break the ice over laughs. I found this scene to be really adorable then it gets a little steamy when the two get really close. Unfortunately, the hero builds his walls stronger and higher because he's afraid of the heroine's influence has on him and will use against him. The heroine doesn't give up and she is able to give him to open up about his past with how he felt back then influences his decisions now. The heroine manages to get the hero to slowly bring down his walls and become more comfortable with her. She even talks about her dreams and past as being a triplet. Then he takes her to a nice dinner and she thinks that he's actually accepted till she spies the grandmother with a male friend and realizes they're there to spy. So, she leaves the hero and stops her acts of ambushing during his runs and stops helping out with opening the shop. Now, the hero is desperately waiting to see her but holding back. His grandmother relays him some news on life and he decides to go after the heroine this time with what she did to him: a wager. He does apologize for his previous behavior. Then the shop opens and it's a hit. Later that night, the hero and heroine become so intimate that they go all the way. Yet, the hero kind of drops the bomb on the heroine by not only confessing his love but asking her to marry him. However, she rejects his proposal because she never added marriage as part of her life's plans. This hurts the hero immensely since her rejection means she doesn't love him. It's not what she meant but I would have felt the same as the hero. He leaves heartbroken and she sits there heartbroken too. As the two become hurt by the other's distance, the heroine uses her storytelling to finally figure out how she feels about the hero. When she tells the story to the kids, the hero follows and learns the heroine's true feelings for him. So, he makes his presence known, confesses his love to the heroine, and asks her to marry him right in front of all the children. The heroine confesses she loves him too and says yes to his proposal. We get a funny ending with the heroine's two brothers trying to talk him out of marrying their sister but the hero states that he loves the heroine and wants to be with her since she's the one for him. It was a fun ending.

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