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Carrie can’t believe her eyes when she sees the letter from Robert, dumping her on the day of their wedding. She’s worried she’ll be laughed at by everyone in town, so she dashes out of the church in her wedding dress. That’s when her nemesis, Will, appears in front of her. He’s her brother-in-law and the owner of an art gallery, and he always meddles in her life. But now he’s whisking her away in his car!

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it wasn't bad but it wasn't interesting 3  3

The story's content was okay but I felt there were a couple of things that were unnecessary. For example, was the relationship between the heroine and the brother. It seemed a little vague about the relationship grew because the brother was only marrying her in the first place for family's expectation. Yet, he fell for another woman he met during his out of state business trips. Then like a coward, waits till wedding day to jilt the heroine with a vague but clear note. The second one involves the hero and heroine. Why do they keep insisting on calling each other brother-in-law and sister-in-law? The wedding never happened, so there's no reason to list them by their titles. Plus, the hero said the heroine's job was to forget about his brother but how can she if the man keeps calling her that as if she's still bound to the man. The heroine is to blame too because she does nothing to stop the hero from calling her sister-in-law nor stops herself. I did like the little twist of where I thought the twins were the brother's and he was just being irresponsible but then it proved to be not. I liked how the hero was so good to his friend who he married in order to adopt her kids since she was sick. Tragically, the woman did pass away before seeing her children. It was so sweet and a good way for the hero and heroine to bond. I liked how the hero came to help the heroine when his investigator showed him evidence of the brother's cheating but ends up being the heroine's get away driver in order to escape the public's pity looks of being a jilted bride. He also offers her a safe haven to recuperate and regain confidence. The heroine tries to be independent very quickly but the hero helps her out by giving her a job at his gallery. The heroine is proven to be helpful in negotiation with clients and office work. The heroine gets close enough to the hero where she wants him to say he needs her for him but he only says it for the twins. In fact, using the twins as a reason is main reason why she rejected his marriage proposal because he said the twins need a mother. I mean there's evidence for the heroine to see that he's attracted to the heroine because he remembers her dress; not just any dress but the color and when she wore it. Sadly, it's screwed over with his marriage proposal for the twins. The heroine rejects it and runs back to the house. Next, she runs into the brother who's been looking for her to apologize. She accepts his apology and they move on. The hero sees their interaction and jumps to conclusion. He slips about knowing the OW and the heroine confronts him. He admits he had suspicions but didn't want to say till he got evidence, which he did the day of the wedding and it's why he was driving to the chapel. He finally he confesses he's been in love with her from the start and even tried to give up when she was dating and got engaged to the brother. He reveals his bad proposal was him being scared of being rejected. The heroine confesses her love for him and we skip to their wedding. It was a good wedding and end and the context was good but I couldn't give more than three stars because of what it lacked and was too much.

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