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Should Maria take back the chance for career success that Alex stole from her?

Every designer’s dream was almost in Maria’s reach when she lost the competition to design a necklace for the Kingdom of Aristo’s queen. Arrogant Prince Alex is the one to blame. After they spent a steamy night together, he criticized her and kicked her out the very next morning. Back in New York with neither love nor work, she is determined to start her career over. Yet one day Alex reappears in her life, offering her the chance of a lifetime under one condition: Maria must become his mistress. Now Maria is faced with an impossible choice.

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This kind of story really didn't get my boat rolling. I mean, it wasn't really impressed with the hero attitude towards the heroine for half of the book. So, the readers are placed smack in the middle of the heroine's downward spiral since she was disqualified from a jewelry competition for royalty because of the hero who she accidently slept with beforehand (she had no idea he was royalty, nor he knew she was one of the jewelry designers). He pulled her out because he believed she was sleeping her way to the top, didn't even give her a chance to explain. They don't even pay for her travel expenses, which she was promised. Months later, the hero comes all demanding about how the heroine is going to create his mother's birthday since the winner's company is collapsing. However, she's going to go as his lover or he tells the paparazzi about their passionate night that will ultimately destroy her career. I found his whole attitude and threats very unattractive. Then he has the gaul to call her unbelievable after she collapses from a fever over her attitude being argumentative and upset. Well GEEZ ALL FRIDAY!!! Anybody would be reacting like that if they were backed into a corner like the heroine. During the heroine's unconscious state, he takes her immediately to his country. I felt like it was a kidnapping moment for me. Once, the heroine wakes up, she spouts out all the knowledge she knows of the country that's related to jewels like quotes and historical facts. This mightily impresses the hero who actually defends the heroine during dinner with the queen and scrutinizing king. Now, this is another weird thing that pops up in the conversation is when the heroine states she doesn't have siblings. It's weird because we had a flashback conversation of her demeaning mother comparing her to her sister. So, why would she lie? She does gain a lot of the siblings' respect when she doesn't back down from their father's hard gaze when listing her conditions like seeing a famous jewel on the crown. He gives in and later the hero and heroine separate with their feelings in limbo. During this time, the heroine finds herself unable to go through with being the hero's mistress, despite the threats closing in on her and she breaks down in tears. The hero finds and actually comforts her as she sobs on about how she had no idea who he was, not the kind of person he thinks she is. The hero finally gets it through his head that the heroine isn't that kind of woman at all. He states that the mistress blackmail has been thrown out the window and only she can create a beautiful piece of jewelry for royalty. Then the heroine is all ready for coitus and the hero is happy to participate. They come to the same conclusion of being in love and decide to be lovers. After a month, the heroine realizes her lack of her monthly flow plus sickness means that she may be pregnant and it scares her. Then heroine finally gets to see the crown. She takes a look at the jewel and flies into a panic of saying that the jewel is a fake. The King hastily denies it but the heroine insists. The king collapses, sending the castle into a panic. The man is able to make it through to make a final appearance to the public but his health is quickly deteriorates. The king orders the heroine to be alone with him and tells her that he knows about her relationship with the hero. He orders her to break it up since the hero needs to marry someone suitable for his country. He makes her swear on his dying breath that she'll leave. She does and when everyone is in the middle of being with the father in his last moments, the heroine quietly flies back home. The hero barely realizes she's gone with all the chaos surrounding the funeral, the paparazzi, and the allegations made of the hero not related to the king. When he finally gets time, he's given the note left behind the heroine and her leaving him hurts more than his father's death. The mother reveals her knowledge of the hero and heroine's relationship and encourages him to go after the heroine. He does where he runs into the heroine's friends who first slams into him then gives him a key. The hero tells the heroine that he loves her. She confesses she does love him but she can't be his mistress or wife. She even reveals the order the father gave her. The hero states the heroine is the best thing for him and finally notices the bump. The heroine confirms with the hero that she's pregnant and he's all too happy. He asks the heroine to marry him and she says yes. It wasn't a bad ending but I wasn't big on the blackmail mistress thing.

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