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Sara wanted more excitement in her life…and, boy, did she get it!

Sara is assistant to the Greek billionaire playboy Alekos. She also has secret feelings for him! Until now, she has lived by her mother’s words: “Don’t ever trust men.” Her mother raised Sara by herself after Sara’s father abandoned them, and through the years, those words have almost felt like a curse. Sara wants a change—she no longer wants to be just a boring secretary. So she takes a month off work and transforms into a entirely different Sara, one who completely shocks Alekos. At first he thinks she has a new lover, and yet he can’t resist her. In fact, he decides to have her pretend to be his girlfriend, all the while saying that love is useless!

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a makeover started it all 4  4

The heroine has been the hero's secretary for many years, carrying a crush that she never took the initiative to reveal for many reasons. The big one was her harsh mother who pounded it into the heroine's head that she should never trust men. Then after her mother dies, she goes on vacation where a famous politician who reveals he's her father. Her mother and him were in a relationship before it ended badly. He had no idea of her existence till the mother's letter reached his lawyer. He wants to be the heroine's father but he wants to take things slowly because his wife has only died six months ago, doesn't want to hurt the heroine's brother and sister, and there's the plus of paparazzi smearing their relationship. The heroine goes along with the idea but he gives her the confidence to start dressing nicer for her self and take pride in both body and face. It goes on for an entire month till the heroine comes back to work with her new look. This makeover puts the hero in a frazzled state since he's always relied on the heroine to look the way she was before. Now, he finds himself attracted to the woman he said at her interview that he wouldn't find attractive. Next, the hero needs her as his repellent against a associate businessman who's unfortunately a doting granddaddy to his immature 18 year old granddaughter . The two of them want her to marry the hero but he doesn't want that but doesn't want to offend the man. Sadly, the heroine doesn't do a well enough job because the girl throws herself onto the hero and squeals like a little piglet. He's able to escape and pulls the heroine in for a dance. Those slow movements leave her blushing but a text from her father has all color leave her face. In his text, he practically says he's not going to introduce her to the rest of the family because her existence would present the scandal the media would lap up and exaggerate. He ends it with let's meet again some time. The message breaks the heroine's heart and leaves her in a vulnerable state. The hero can sense the tension and takes her home where he becomes a shoulder to her tears. She opens up about her whole past and recent events. The hero comforts her and swears not to say a word. They leave it at that then they go on a business trip where the heroine is child repellent for the hero. However, the heroine's father comes abroad as well because the big client is friends with him. So, the hero becomes her repellent by stating they're dating and ultimately earning the ire of both grandfather and granddaughter. Things go well for the group but better for the hero and heroine who have a hot night. Unfortunately, the heroine learns the next morning from the big client that he knows of her true parentage. She thinks it was the hero and confronts him about it but he reminds her that the big Clients is friends with her father who must have blabbed. We also see flashbacks of the hero's past where his brother committed suicide by drowning after his girlfriend betrayed him and it broke his heart. The whole thing has the hero build up these walls that unfortunately bar the heroine from his heart. Things are put to the side burner when the hero reveals the grandfather and granddaughter are attempting to take over his family's company. The two work like crazy to prevent the take over and succeed. Then things go haywire from them discovering the heroine is pregnant. The hero puts down marriage of obligation as the only option but right after getting the ring, the heroine has a miscarriage that nearly takes her life. The tragedy puts the hero and heroine's relationship on the rocks. He pushes for marriage but not one of love and is why the heroine keeps rejecting his ring. Next, the heroine's father comes in panting to see if the heroine is alright because he heard about her hospitalization. The heroine is shocked since he could be seen by paparazzi but he states he doesn't care and the idea of losing her was too frightening. He apologizes to the heroine for his message and says he told the siblings who want her in their lives. He also reveals the hero is the one who called him and reminded him of what he was going to lose with the heroine: being her father. It was quite sweet on the hero's part. He also reveals the hero never left the heroine's side during her days in ICU. The heroine realizes the hero cares deeply for her. She tries to contact him but has no luck. Days later at the heroine's welcoming party, she runs into the hero who's come to see her. He opens up to her about his past with his brother and his recent discovery that his brother drowned via a heart attack and didn't commit suicide. He also takes some good advice from his mom to gain courage. He gets down on one knee, confesses his love to the heroine, and asks her to marry him. She says yes with tears and we skip to the ending where they have an adorable baby. It's actually a very sweet ending.

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