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Kate’s orderly life is about to be turned on its head!

Kate is a no-nonsense, diligent employee. She doesn’t make plans on Friday nights, choosing instead to work overtime. One day Alessandro, the CEO, shows up at the office. He’s known as a playboy; he’s rumored to have been with a lot of women, and Kate doesn’t feel comfortable around him. She tries to exude calm despite her discomfort, but then he tells her that her boss may have committed fraud! Kate tries to persuade Alessandro that her boss is a trustworthy man and there must be some sort of mistake. Alessandro proposes she go on an overseas business trip with him in order to prove her boss’s innocence!

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a nice but a little average. 3  3

The hero and heroine meet due embezzlement by mutual employee the two of them immensely trust. It's a pretty big thing and the hero wants the heroine who's the dedicated and always working after hours employee to figure out the truth. This gives the opportunity for the reader to see their impressions of each other from playboy CEO to fickle employee. We learn the heroine was raised by a loosely moral mother whose behavior caused the heroine to build great Walls of China and renounce anything feminine. They work together and learn a little more about each, while discovering the employee did steal from the company but only recently. So, they go to confront the employee and learn he didn't do it out of greed but as a grandfather desperate to pay for his sick granddaughter's highly expensive medical treatment. He admits the wrong but was desperate since he already used his entire retirement. The hero forgives and states that he'll pay for the rest. Then the hero and heroine go off with alone. The heroine states her surprise at the hero's actions and he responds that she has to surprise him by dressing up as feminine. The heroine decides to go along and dresses up for the first time and has the hero more stunned than when he went to her house and found her in her shorts and shirt. They have a nice dinner then a hot night that ends badly. It's because the hero tries to kill his desire for the heroine since his rich parents lusted after their own desires that ultimately neglected the hero from any parental love. The heroine takes his rejection as a sign and they end it on cold terms. They head back to work and the hero goes on multiple dates but can't seem to enjoy any of them since his mind goes straight back to the heroine. During this time, the heroine has been promoted and started wearing feminine things. They see each other again but his date walks in with the heroine running out. The hero cancels his date and chases after the heroine. He manages to catch up to her where she seems to connecting with her mother. They talk then fight and finally go to a private place where the hero opens up, gets down on one knee, and asks the heroine to marry him because he loves her. She says yes, ending the story happily. It was alright but it didn't enthrall me or anything.

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