Historical Romance THE SLEEPING BEAUTY

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Forced to marry a libertine!

In Northumberland, far from London, lives a beauty who has abandoned high society. Adam, a dandy carrying a large debt, hears the rumor and impulsively proposes marriage to Lady Helena, whom he has never laid eyes on. But surprisingly her father is drawn to Adam because of his charming good looks and academic background and he agrees to the marriage. Not only is Adam after Helena’s money...he’s also entirely lacking in manners! But what protest can Helena make with her bloodstained past?

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romance during quick engagement 4  4

The hero has come to marry the heroine for her fortune since he carries his father's debt that he tried to pay off winning in gambling but only increased it. The heroine has been in self-imposed exile for five years but the hero has no idea why. In fact, really nobody knows and anybody who does know is quite tight lipped. He meets the heroine who rejects his offer of marriage but then meets the father who he's quite honest in why he's marrying the heroine. Frankly, I didn't know whether to be shocked or impressed by his brash honesty. The father sees his honesty as a positive and agrees to bless the wedding on certain conditions. These conditions entail to the heroine's well-being and should he break them then the father will make his life a living hell. Now, the heroine learns of her engagement and knows she has to go along, despite her objections. During this time, the hero works on getting the heroine to open up. He takes her out on the town for dress shopping then gets her to get a feast since he's noticed that she hardly eats at all. Everything is fine till they run into a couple that makes the heroine go pale. The hero senses something amiss and consults with her father along with her cousin. Apparently, the husband was engaged to the heroine where they were society's perfect couple till he fell in love with his nieces' tutor. The heroine withdrew the engagement and she was fine but her mother who died around that time wasn't. The hero isn't able to get more out of them. He keeps on working with the heroine to open up and to feel alive again. They marry and have a lovely ceremony with reception that goes well until the hero's big mouth idiots for friends flap their gums more than they should with the heroine overhearing. She's hurt and then pulled away by the ex-fiancée who's been worried for her wellbeing. She pushes away any more of help or concern with the hero taking her back. The whole thing of the hero's OW (a woman who he was with that betrayed him) and life finally has her throw the big skeleton out of her closet. She say that she killed her mother. Five years ago, the heroine withdrew her engagement to the ex-fiancée because she viewed him as a brother and wanted him to be happy. However, her mother being the cruel social climber wouldn't allow it and tried to murder both the ex-fiancée and his lover. She even tried to get the heroine involved but the heroine fought for the gun to stop her. In the scuffle, the trigger was pulled and the mother died. Everyone states that the heroine was innocent and only tried to stop her. Yet, the heroine is unable to let go of the guilt of killing her mother. She runs off and the hero goes to the father for more information. He tells the hero that his wife was a tyrant who didn't take no for an answer. So, she only saw the heroine as a pawn. Suddenly, news of a fire breaks out causing the hero to search desperately for the heroine. He finds her and carries her to safety. During this rescue, he tells her that he does love and he only wanted to go to London to pay off the debts quickly and starts earning money to pay back the father. He tells the heroine that he loves her and asks to share her burden with him. The heroine accepts it and they restart their relationship. I liked the scene where the hero asking the heroine if she's ready. The ending had a good epilogue with the hero and heroine walking side by side with smiles in front of British high society then going home to their little boy.

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