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I want to pick up where we left off four years ago…even if it’s only for one night

After her father remarried, Jodie moves in with the powerful Antoniou family in Greece. Stergios, her stepbrother, who is eight years older than her, welcomes her warmly, but her father and stepmother do not show any interest in her. To Jodie, who has longed for her parents’ affection her whole life, the Antoniou house soon begins to feel like a prison. One day, she causes a scandal and is kicked out of the house and sent to live in the United States with her mother. Four years later, she comes back to Greece with one goal in mind: reconciling with her father. But Stergios doesn’t believe her. He thinks she’s come back to ruin her cousin’s wedding, so to avoid a wedding-day debacle, he takes her to his private island as his prisoner…

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A story that gave you headache 1  1

Well the title of the review conclude my opinion. As JAB's review great detail of the story. I expect the heroine would stand up after all of those accusation, but in the end she just let it go, too kind or too weak, opposite attract with how she behaved. Sigh..especially I expected the hero's cousin to have his proper punishment for he'd done to the heroine. Expected the hero will help her corrected the wrongs but it was in the contrary. So this story not my cup of tea

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3.5 alright 4  4

The heroine was a problem child for her neglectful parents, mostly because her irrational behavior was her desperate plea for them to spend time with her because they just put her through one boarding school to the next. Then when she hits her late teens, her neglectful father gets married and she's brought to his house where there's tension on both sides. She gets attacked by one of the cousins but he places blames that she seduced him. Everyone believes the cousin and she gets kicked out. Four years later, she's matured and grown wiser. However, her relationship with her estranged parents is still bad. The sadder part is her mother died before they could connect but she left the heroine a massive fortune. So, the heroine takes it as a sign that she needs to repair things with her father before it's too late. Her arrival is not well received and she even get kidnapped by the hero who doesn't want anyone like the heroine to ruin his family's special day. So, he "kidnaps" her to an isolated island. It's there the hero learns the heroine just wants a family and he decides to let her attend the wedding. The heroine also brings up the hero being kidnapped and abused by his own father in exchange for money during the divorce and custody battles. A lot is brought up and the weather keeps them from attending the wedding. They have coitus but afterwards, the hero puts distance between himself and the heroine. So, she decides break the relationship up with the hero over a lie because she's been on the receiving end. She lies about just using him for coitus and is already pregnant. He accuses her of many thing then she leaves. Months later, her father actually appears but he doesn't even spout an apology for not being there but invites her to go the family Christmas party. I know the heroine went in order to see the hero one last time before he announced his engagement. I just don't know why she would risk the stupid thing when she made such a brash lie earlier. He sees her and follows to a spot where she collapses and he rushes her to the hospital. It's there the hero learns of the heroine's lie and starts making accusations and demands the moment she wakes up. The hero states he's marrying the heroine, despite not loving her and she'll do it. I was frankly surprised the heroine went along so easily. I mean she has the money to buy a plane ticket and she knows what she wants in a family and it's love. Now, she gets a lot of resentment from all sides and not even her father stands up for her against his wife. Then the heroine is cooped up in a house with no one who cares about her well being and she starts to suspect there's someone watching her and harassing her from needles in clothes to poisoned food. She tries to tell the hero but he doesn't believe her. Then he tells her that she's moving back to New York without him because they've received threats from anonymous individual to the heroine. The heroine takes it as a sign that he views her as a burden (a word she's used to describe herself way too many times) and leaves a note and ring behind that they are over. Three months pass and the hero appears out of nowhere in the heroine's apartment with her friends freaking out. If I had been there, I would have said, "All pregnant ladies in the back and we'll charge." The hero has come to take the heroine home because they found the bad guy and his accomplice who's revealed to be one of the maids that confessed to harassing the heroine. I couldn't believe that she kissed back after he kissed her, instead of slapping the man. The heroine gets her first apology from the hero (not enough). The hero has come to take the heroine back but she won't go back. She tells the hero he should marry someone suitable and breaks into a fight where the hero says he surrenders because he can't live without the heroine. The heroine accepts him but I liked that he worked with the heroine's wishes of staying with her in New York and not pushing her to go back to Greece. He even steps down from being head of the family company in order to show he wants to be there for the heroine since she's worth it. Years pass and we see the couple with their three kids heading to meet the grandparents. The story was alright and I was pleased with the hero's show that he's doing what he can to make the heroine happy, I just wish for a little more apology from him and a lot of apologies from others.

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