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We’re too different, but we share a common history—and maybe a possible future, as well?

Aaliyah, a hotel clerk, is chosen as a floor manager to replace her late mother. Crown Prince Sayed, from Aaliyah's ancestral country, Zeena Safra, has plans to stay at London's Chatsfield Hotel with his fiancée. Aaliyah, shunned by her family for being born out of wedlock, looks forward to meeting the prince of the desert country she has never seen. But his fiancée runs off and Aaliyah winds up spending the night with the disappointed prince! After he scolds her for hiding the fact that she was a virgin, he whisks her away to his palace...

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2.5 took some punches 3  3

The heroine took a lot of punches to get to her happily ever after. I mean her mother was out-casted by her family for getting pregnant out of wedlock then out-casted out of country. The heroine was loved by the mother but did wish to have a father. Then the mother dies and the heroine's horrible uncle takes her body to hold a funeral but forbids the heroine to attend because she's "filthy". Now, the heroine has come to work at the man she knows is her biological father. She's placed in charge of setting up the hero's suite and his fiancee's at the hotel and does a marvelous (so marvelous, she knew about the fiancée's alcoholism that she had a bar set up). The hero and heroine do have a interesting first interaction what with a child spilling a beverage on the hero's tunic and the heroine not only asking him to pardon the kid but wiping his feet. A week later, the heroine and hero put in the elevator (more like the hero pulled her into the elevator) and she gets scolded by her boss/father for "seducing" the hero. The heroine confronts him about her mother and it ends real badly. She runs out in tears with security chasing after her and ends up in the fiancée's room. There, she finds the hero who's drinking away because he found out about her alcoholism as well as the fact she ditched him. With the heroine being vulnerable and things escalating out of the hero's control, they let emotions rage to a hot night. Sadly, things go south since the hero just had coitus with the heroine who not only did he deflower but didn't have a condom. Now, he insists that she comes with him in case she's pregnant and the heroine barely gets a word in. Now, she's looked down upon as the seductress who seduced their precious prince from the princess. Apparently, everyone forgot that it was the alcoholic princess who bolted first. The heroine faces a lot of scrutiny that some call her out in their home language that the heroine understands. They have no idea of this till the hero scolds them but the heroine speaks up in their defense. Later, the heroine hears of the possibility of the hero not only not loving her but also taking away their possible child as well as how she's not a part of their world. Then he sees the heroine who's listened to everything. The heroine walks away and the hero takes the message to her. She goes to her mother's grave but is accosted by her uncle. Luckily, the hero is there to help the heroine. Only, their picture gets taken and people start hatin'. During this time, the heroine discovers she's not pregnant and offers herself up as a sacrificial lamb in order to preserve the hero's reputation but he won't hear of it. Instead, he dresses her up and takes her to fancy restaurant where all the paparazzi have all their cameras. We get a deja vu from the first interaction. The hero uses it as a chance to propose his love to the heroine and asks her to marry him. She says yes and while, the media laps it up, the whole thing actually receives positive comments from the public. Then on the day of the wedding, the hero tells the heroine that her father has come who's been searching for her desperately ever since she ran out of his office. He tells her that her mother ended the relationship as well as hiding herself in the states. It's because if he had known that they had a daughter then he would have never have left them. The heroine gives him a letter her mother gave her and they read it together in tears. The story ends with the hero and heroine they love each other.

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