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The shackles of his guilt tie him to a fate he cannot escape

At a New York night club Lacey fell in love with Prince Hafiz at first sight. She moved to Rudaynah to be with him and had spent a year in his desert country of beautiful sunsets and starry nights when he suddenly told her that he was marrying a girl from a respected local family at the sultan’s order. As she listened to him with shock, he said he would not let go of Lacey’s body or soul even after he married—he wanted her to stay and be his mistress!

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becky's comment - August 2nd, 2019

The prince is very charismatic. I like how he devoted himself to his country and at the same time tried his best to protect the woman he loves .

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3.5 a fresh perspective 4  4

This story offered a new perspective because usually when heroine's becomes a mistress, it's in the middle of the story or they're being offered the mistress deal in the beginning. Yet, the heroine in this story IS the mistress. The hero and her have been in a secret relationship till the hero drops the bomb on her that he's marrying another woman but she wants her to keep on being his mistress. She throws a fit about the whole idea with her wanting to go home and him refusing. We learn the marriage is the hero's lifeline from his father in order to regain his right as heir to the throne. How did he lose the position in the first place? The heroine learns from her friends, the wives of affluential husbands that during the hero's college years, he let his freedom get to his head. It turned into a huge scandal with his foreign mistress getting pregnant and the father pulling the hero out of the heir chair. Some people think the father's punishment is too harsh with the hero feeling guilty for his selfish and spoiled past behavior and his father never lets the hero forget what he did. When the hero finds out about the heroine meeting these women, he flies off the handle. This sparks up another fight with the hero finally letting the heroine go. However, she gets abducted by the anti-hero faction who want her to denounce the hero live on tv. She refuses and they pull in the OW from the scandal. When the heroine confronts her on what she is doing, the OW laughs about doing it for the money as she did ten years ago. The joke's on her though because during the interview, the hero reveals himself as well as all the fraud cases the woman has done over the years. Plus, the child's picture with how the boy is doesn't match up with not making him the father. The big boss makes a break for it and takes the heroine hostage. The heroine who has learned Arabic but kept that under her belt reveals the leader as one of the ministers. He's captured with the heroine and unharmed. The hero and heroine have one last time together with saying "I love you" as good-bye. The heroine finally leaves but the hero realizes in the next few weeks that he doesn't need the throne to help his country. He breaks off the engagement and goes to the heroine. He tells her everything and how he wants to be with her. She accepts it all and we skip a year where his brother is marrying the other woman. The two decide to make their marriage public after the coronation and it ends happily.

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