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Deborah has accepted a marriage in name only to a handsome doctor in exchange for financial security!

Eighteen-year-old Deborah ran away from home and now makes a living as a street performer. One day, she receives a proposal involving ten thousand pounds and a contract marriage to a doctor named Baxter. It’s a wild plan, but to Deborah, who is struggling to pay for everyday essentials, the money is very attractive. Baxter seems like a levelheaded person who’s only interested in mature women. Being young and daring, she accepts his offer, but then she finds out what’s really behind his plan, and her heart aches with unrequited love… 

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2.5 not my kind of story 3  3

The story was alright but it wasn't really the story I was into when I finished reading it. I mean, the hero and heroine have a huge age gap with the heroine still in her teens (17 years old). Then there was the unresolved issue with the step-father who's making lies and advances on the poor heroine. It's no wonder she ran away to live on the streets for three months. Plus, the only reason the hero was proposing marriage to her in the first place was to marry some foreign med-student to being deported back to his war torn country that the hero was in and was great friends with his parents. The three go through this dormitory phase with doing things together like cooking and stuff but the hero never asks the heroine, "Hey, do you want to go back to school and get your degree?" Yet, I'm not putting all the blame on the hero because he deems the heroine as a smart girl and she is but she doesn't think that she needs go get her GED or the British version of one. Then after a night of their first night of coitus, misunderstandings are placed with the heroine stating that she'll marry the med student. They got through the wedding preparations with both hero and heroine miserable. That is till the day of the wedding when the med student finds out he's been granted stay because of his uncle was granted sanctuary. So, he leaves the day of the wedding and the hero and heroine are left to sort their feelings out. They are able to communicate enough to realize the other loves them and they decide to replace the groom with the hero. We end the wedding with the mother not coming but sending a well wishes card. The ending was alright but the whole story just left me unsatisfied. For some people they liked it and I'm glad they enjoyed it, it just wasn't for me.

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